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Domestic UF System for Rural Use with Arsenic & Iron Removal Capability - Pradip Lalla.

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1 Domestic UF System for Rural Use with Arsenic & Iron Removal Capability - Pradip Lalla

2 Domestic Ultra Filtration System Developed and Patented by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Dept of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India

3 Effective Easy to operate & maintain Economical Delivers crystal clear water Costs less than Rs. 1($ 0.02) per day per family

4 Comparison between different UF systems JaltaraHollow Fiber MembraneSpiral Wound Cartridge Dead End DeviceCross Flow Device No rejection of waterWastage of water EconomicalComparatively Costly Cleaning is Physical and simpleSystem Based, either through back wash or reject flow Low FluxVery High FluxHigh Flux

5 Indian population : 1.1 billion Absence of 24 hrs direct pipe supply Water is stored at Point of Use : Overhead Tanks Underground Tanks Loft Tanks Drums Kitchen Vessels In spite of processing the raw water, contamination takes place at the storage point & when the pipe is depressurized

6 Point of Use Filters Muslin Cloth Boiling the water Ceramic candles UV Iodinated Resins Slow release Chlorine Nano Silver

7 BARC Technology UF System Polysulfone Membrane Plastic Housing Online system requiring 0.3 bar pressure

8 Features Removes suspended solids and bacteriological contamination Crystal clear water Polishes the water to a sparkling clean No electricity/chemicals Easy maintenance, empowers and satisfies end-user

9 Access to membrane being straightforward Maintenance is easy Homemaker is taught to clean and maintain system

10 Installation in an Adivasi/Tribal Home

11 JALTARA water purification unit. Hand Pump Handi with input water Purified water collection jar

12 Installation in an Adivasi/Tribal Home

13 Costing Membrane Candle – Rs 150 ($3.50) Filter Housing – Rs 200 ($4.75) Pipes and Accessories Jerry can with Float Valve for Collection- Rs 250 ($5.70) Life of Membrane Candle 2- 3 years Cost to family per day for water – less than Rs 1 ($0.02)

14 Jaltara Single Unit Flux/ Flow Rate of 3-6 Liters per hour

15 Jerry Can with Float Valve Used for Collection of Water without the need for stopping the inlet source

16 Jaltara Double and Triple Unit Flux/ Flow Rate Enhanced by connecting two and three membranes in parallel

17 Jaltara Deluxe Model Flux/ Flow Rate Enhanced by connecting two and three membranes in parallel

18 Unit at Elephanta Caves

19 Unit at Adivasi School

20 Raw Water Three Meters Height PurificationCollectionUse For Regular Use For Iron Removal Raw Water Three Meters Height PurificationUse Aeration Collection


22 For Arsenic Removal Raw Water Three Meters Height PurificationUseReaction Chamber Collection


24 Comparison Chart BoilingJaltaraCeramic Filter PotsUVReverse Osmosis Capital CostNilModerateLowHighExtremely High Protection From Bacteria Good if Kept Boiling for 20 Minutes Very Good : Removes Even Dead Bacteria Low (The Candle is an Excellent Source for Bacterial Growth Good (Only if proper flow rate and desired maintenance is observed) Very Good Removal of Suspended Particles Marginal (due to settling when water is cooled) 0.01 Filtration Water is Crystal Clear 40 Filtration5 Filtration0.0001 Filtration,Water is Crystal Clear Water Wastage30% due to evaporationNil 60% Time Taken for Purifying 30 Litres 50 Minutes15 Hours 30 Minutes2 Hours Energy RequirementHeat Tap Water Pressure (>.03 Bars) GravityElectricity Electricity and Very High Pressure (6 Bars) MaintenanceNil Candle Cleaning About Once Every Fortnight Candle Cleaning and Boiling (About once a week) Skilled Technician Required Annual Running CostDaily Cost of Fuel Candle Change (About Rs. 350 Annualised) Candle Change (About Rs. 75) Maintenance Contract (Rs. 750 for Candle and Carbon Change) Maintenance Contract (About Rs. 4000) OtherTedious Process Candle Must Not be Scratched or Allowed to Dry Bacteria Removal Efficiency is Doubtful Quartz Glass and UV Lamp Maintenance is Usually Neglected Due to High Costs Essential Minerals are Also Removed from the Water, Causes Leaching of Minerals from the Human Body

25 Akruti Advanced Knowledge for RUral Technology Implementation NGO working in rural areas for transfer of technology developed at the BARC Rural Technopreneurship Promote this product by Educating, Assembling, Installing and Creating self help groups with local employment opportunities Incubated in about ten areas of rural Maharashtra, to be spread throughout the country

26 Conclusion Sustainable, Innovative Technology

27 Thank You!

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