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AFRICA REVIEW. Where do most people in Egypt live? Along the Nile River.

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2 Where do most people in Egypt live? Along the Nile River

3 What country is this? SOUTH AFRICA

4 In the Sahel, overgrazing and drought have resulted in a decrease in the grassland region. What is this process called? DESERTIFICATION


6 What country is this? SUDAN

7 Swahili is a mixture of which two languages? Arabic and Bantu

8 What country is this? EGYPT

9 Name the mixed ethnic group, who mostly live in North Africa and the Middle East. ARABS

10 What lake is this? LAKE VICTORIA

11 What River is this? CONGO RIVER

12 Name the region of short grasses bordering the Sahara where desertification is a problem. The Sahel

13 What River is this? NILE RIVER

14 Some regions in Africa battle with widespread famine. What is famine? EXTREME SHORTAGE OF FOOD

15 What country is this? KENYA

16 What River is this? NIGER RIVER

17 The ______________ is the longest and most important river in West Africa. NIGER

18 What lake is this? LAKE TANGANYIKA


20 What desert is this? THE KALAHARI DESERT

21 Which geographical area can be found along most of Africa’s equator? Tropical Rainforest

22 What River is this? CONGO RIVER

23 What are Rock-filled rapids called on African rivers at the edge of the plateau? Cataracts

24 What landform separates Morocco from the Sahara desert? Atlas Mountains

25 What Region is this? THE SAHARA DESERT

26 What is a small place where trees are able to grow and where people can live with grazing animals and a few crops? Oasis

27 What mountains are these? ATLAS MOUNTAINS

28 What ethnic group believes that the safety of their nation depends on the Golden Stool? Ashanti

29 What Region is this? THE SAHEL

30 The Sahara divides Africa into two regions. What are these two regions? Northern Africa and Sub- Saharan Africa

31 Which body of water does the Nile River flow into? The Mediterranean Sea

32 In the Sahel, what is leading to desertification? Overgrazing by animals

33 What ethnic group is found in Central and Southern Africa? Bantu

34 Due to poor farmland in the Sahel, where are most people choosing to move? Into cities

35 What ethnic group is found in East Africa, especially Kenya? Swahili

36 What is the largest lake in Africa? Lake Victoria

37 What is a major problem with the Nile River today? Pollution

38 What desert is found in Southern Africa? Kalahari Desert

39 What is the world’s longest river? Nile River

40 In what country are the Ashanti people found? Ghana

41 In what country did the Bantus come from? Nigeria

42 What religion was brought to Africa from the Middle East? Islam

43 What area of Africa do the Swahili live? East Africa

44 What are two ways in which people of the Sahel make a living? Heading and Subsistence Farming

45 What one word describes the savanna? Grasslands

46 What is one reason why the Sahel, Savanna, and rainforests are being destroyed? Increase population

47 What is the main religion of the Swahili people? Islam

48 Europe’s need for Raw Materials led to what? The “Scramble for Africa”?

49 What is the term given to a country that builds an empire by conquering colonies to provide raw materials for a stronger country? Imperialism

50 What was the Berlin Conference? The meeting of the European powers to decide how to divide up Africa

51 Jomo Kenyatta was an African nationalist leader from which country? Kenya

52 What was Nelson Mandela’s role in the evolution of Apartheid in South Africa? He worked to abolish Apartheid

53 During the 1950’s and 1960’s most African countries experienced what?? Political Independence from the European Powers

54 What is the purpose Pan-Africanism today? Development of a unified political identity in Africa

55 Under apartheid, black South Africans were forced?? Live in homelands and use separate facilities

56 What valuable natural resources made the British want to take over South Africa? Gold and Diamonds

57 When did many African groups begin to challenge European colonial rule? After World War II

58 What has been a major problem in Nigeria since independence? Religious conflict between Muslims and Christians & Ethnic conflict

59 Wars fought between opposing sides within a single nation are what type of conflict? A Civil War.

60 Why did Europeans build empires in Africa? Europeans wanted the natural resources found there, and to expand their empires.

61 What are all of the results of political instability in Africa since independence? Name at least two. Government corruption, civil wars, poverty, and revolutions.

62 What is genocide? The preplanned murder of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group.

63 What two African nations were independent during European colonialism? Liberia & Ethiopia

64 Who was F.W. De Klerk? The white president who helped bring an end to apartheid in South Africa

65 What was the main consequence of EUROPEAN COLONIZATION? Poverty and a lack of economic development in Africa

66 During the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries, what was the term, “Scramble for Africa” used to describe? The European Powers race to colonize the African Continent.

67 Kwame Nkrumah was an African nationalist leader from what country? Ghana

68 What was The meeting of the European powers to decide how to divide up Africa? The Berlin Conference

69 Malaria, one of the leading causes of death on the African continent, is spread how? The disease is spread by mosquitoes

70 In what country has the Janjaweed murdered hundreds of thousands in Darfur? Sudan

71 Who’s work to abolish Apartheid in South Africa landed him in prison for 27 years? Nelson Mandela

72 Mandela was the leader of what organization which led to his 27 year imprisonment? The ANC or African National Congress

73 Why did many of the boundaries of the new African states created after World War II cause problems? The boundaries split tribes and put opposing tribes in the same country

74 The war between the Hutu and the Tutsi can best be described as what type of conflict? An Ethnic Conflict.

75 Under imperialism, a country must do what to build a stronger country? Conquer colonies to provide raw materials

76 What is a person(s) called that has to flee their home for safety called? REFUGEE

77 Which was most often used to draw new boundaries for African countries during independence? Europeans followed the old colonial boundaries

78 How do the literacy rates for boys and girls compare in both Kenya and Sudan? Literacy rates for boys are higher

79 A country ruled by a person that has complete and unlimited power Autocracy

80 a form of government in which a Deity (God) is recognized as the supreme civil ruler Theocracy

81 In general, countries with strong economies have __________ literacy rates High

82 What type of government controls most aspects of its peoples life. Authoritarian or Autocracy

83 A small group of powerful leaders are in charge in this type of government… Oligarchy

84 What is the legislative branch of government is responsible for ??? making and carrying out the laws

85 How is the leader of a Presidential Democracy chosen? The president is chosen in a vote by the people.

86 Why is Sudan not a true Republic? Votes don’t count unless they are for the National Congress Party

87 What is a Political Trade Barrier that places a tax on incoming goods? tariff

88 People who can work, solve problems, and create businesses are called what? Human Resources

89 What type of government citizens choose representatives to make and enforce the laws Representative Democracy or Republic

90 A country in which the powers of the central government are restricted and in which the states, colonies, or provinces have some self-government; ultimate power rests with the voters who choose their governmental representatives (India, United States, Germany, South Africa…) Federal Republic

91 The central government holds most of the power in _________ government. UNITARY

92 African country have we studied that could be considered an Oligarchy prior to 1994??? South Africa

93 Which type of government gives its citizens the most power? Democratic

94 Which type of government gives its citizens the least power? Autocratic (Dictators and Monarchs)

95 What type of government gives the king or queen complete control? Absolute Monarchy

96 Who benefits from trade restrictions placed on imported goods? Local companies that produce the same products as the imports-LIMITS competition

97 A government based upon religious beliefs is BEST described as an Theocracy

98 a form of government in which the citizens elect leaders and rule by majority (United States) Representative Democracy

99 The US and other countries tried to persuade the S. African Government to quit its policy of Apartheid by limiting trade with the country. What type of political trade barrier is this?? Sanctions

100 Which African country that we have studied have an Autocratic Government system? Sudan (Military Dictatorship)

101 What type of government gives the king or queen very little control, they are more of a figure head? Constitutional Monarchy

102 Which strategy would MOST help in preventing the spread of AIDS in Africa? Education & Prevention

103 Most countries in the world have what type of economy? Mixed

104 Why is specialization so valuable in international trade today? Specialization allows people to do a more efficient job at producing what they make best and trade for the things they want

105 Why is it important for nations to have a system to convert from one currency to another? Make it possible for World Trade

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