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7th Grade World Studies AFRICA Review.

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1 7th Grade World Studies AFRICA Review

2 Question #1 What desert covers most of northern Africa? Sahel Sahara
Savanna Kalahari

3 Question #2 What is Africa’s transition zone between desert and rainforest? Sahel Sahara Savanna Kalahari

4 Question #3 What African landform has rolling grassland and scattered trees? Sahel Kalahari Isthmus Savanna

5 Question #4 Located in Africa, what is the longest lake in the world?
Lake Tanganyika Lake Okeechobee Lake Mead Lake Victoria

6 Question #5 What desert is located in southern Africa? Kalahari Sahel
Sahara Gobi

7 Question #6 Located in Africa, what is the world’s longest river?
Niger Rhine Congo Nile

8 Question #7 What mountain range is located in northern Africa? Atlas
Himalayan Andes Pyrenees

9 Question #8 What is the largest lake in Africa? Lake Victoria
Lake Tanganyika Lake Orange Lake Mead

10 Question #9 What African river near the equator is located in the tropical rainforest? Nile Niger Congo Mekong

11 Question #10 Which river is the principal river in western Africa?
Nile Niger Congo Mekong

12 Question #11 What is the result of deforestation?
Rain washes soil away Nutrients in soil wash away Sun continually bakes exposed soil All of the above

13 Question #12 What is desertification? Spread of desert area
Decrease in desert area African farming practice Way of getting used to desert heat

14 Question #13 What is the cause of desertification?
Slash and burn agriculture Too much sunlight Toxins in irrigation water Growing wrong types of crops

15 Question #14 Most of Africa’s population: Lives in mud huts
Lives near a river, lake, or coastline Spends their summers elsewhere Lives in crowded cities

16 Question #15 The two main religious groups in Africa are:
Catholic and Methodist Hindu and Buddhist Muslim and Hindu Muslim and Christian

17 Question #16 An example of an ethnic group is: Arab Ashanti Muslim
Both A and B

18 Question #17 Most African languages can be traced to:
Bantu ethnic group Muslim ethnic group Swahili ethnic group Kente ethnic group

19 Question #18 A high literacy rate generally leads to: High crime rate
High standard of living High agricultural production Both A and B

20 Question #19 The literacy rate in Africa is: High Low
Higher for men than women Both B and C

21 Question #20 This type of government is a loose alliance.
Confederation Federal Unitary Parliamentary

22 Question #21 The leader holds power in this government. Democracy
Republic Oligarchy Autocracy

23 Question #22 Control rests with a small group in this government.
Oligarchy Autocracy Democracy Republic

24 Question #23 The legislature holds the power in this system.
Parliamentary Federal Presidential Both A and C

25 Question #24 Kenya’s government is a: Monarchy Republic Dictatorship

26 Question #25 Which country has a dictator? Sudan South Africa Kenya

27 Question #26 An example of entrepreneurship is: Working at a factory
Teaching at a school Starting a computer repair business Both A and B

28 Question #27 Who gets better access to school in Africa? Girls Boys
Children under the age of 10 There are no schools in Africa

29 Question #28 What has led to famine in Africa? Repeated drought
AIDS deaths have reduced workforce Infertile soil and erosion All of the above

30 Question #29 This economic system is based on supply and demand.
Market Command Traditional Communist

31 Question #30 What country has the strongest economy in Africa? Nigeria
Botswana South Africa Namibia

32 Question #31 This trade barrier is a tax placed on imported goods.
Tariff Quota Embargo Boycott

33 Question #32 An example of a capital investment is: Buying a hamburger
Building a factory Cutting down trees Hiring a store manager

34 Question #33 The European division of Africa caused: Tribal conflicts
Civil war Desire for independence All of the above

35 Question #34 A strong belief in one’s country is: Democracy
Nationalism Protectionism Isolationism

36 Question #35 In 1963, Kenya achieved independence from: Great Britain
France Spain Denmark

37 Question #36 More than 250 ethnic groups make up this country. Kenya
Nigeria South Africa Rwanda

38 Question #37 Apartheid separated blacks and whites in: Kenya Nigeria
South Africa Sudan

39 Question #38 Who was arrested and imprisoned for resisting apartheid?
Nelson Mandela F.W. de Klerk Martin Luther King, Jr. Winnie Mandela

40 Question #39 The goal of the Pan-African movement was to:
Abolish the slave trade in Africa Elect democratic leaders in Africa Unite Africans to solve Africa’s problems Create more jobs in Africa

41 Question #40 This country has lots of oil, but its people are very poor. Kenya South Africa Mali Nigeria

42 Answers 1. B 2. A 3. D 4. A 5. A 6. D 7. A 8. A 9. C 10. B 11. D 12. A 13. A 14. B 15. D 16. D 17. A 18. B 19. D 20. A

43 Answers continued 21. D 22. A 23. A 24. B 25. A 26. C 27. B 28. D 29. A 30. C 31. A 32. B 33. D 34. B 35. A 36. B 37. C 38. A 39. C 40. D

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