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Presentation for the BM Seminar By Wang Yi Program Officer Secretariat ICOMOS China.

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1 Presentation for the BM Seminar By Wang Yi Program Officer Secretariat ICOMOS China

2 Brief Introduction Bachelor of Law, Majoring in Diplomacy, Beijing Foreign Studies University2004 Foreign Affairs Office, National Museum of China, and first ITP2006 M.A of Art History, Southeast University, Nanjing, China2009 ICOMOS China

3 Outcome of BM ITP Broaden vision-Professionally and Academically Meeting friendsOther attendants, experts of BM, other Chinese scholars at BM

4 Legacy and later experiences 1. A Study report for the National Museum, suggested by the Director General to be read by all other directors. 1. Pursuit of a M.A degree in Art History, Title of the dissertation: A Study on Images of Foreigners in Tombs of Northern China during 5 th to 7 th Centuries

5 An era of great cultural encounter and integration Foreigner images on both Chinese and foreign tomb owners buried in China ( pottery figurines, frescoes, stone coffins, etc) A comparative study between the two and conclude that the production of foreigner images in tombs reflect a deep cultural interaction between China and the west

6 Figurine found in a tomb of late 5 th century Acrobatic show in early 20 th century

7 3. Assistance with nomination of UNESCO Intangible Cultural HeritageSericulture and Silk Craftsmanship of ChinaInternship at China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou (2008)

8 4. Assistance to the book: China: museums Chinese Museums: – National museums – Provincial and municipal museums – Thematic museums – Private museums

9 5. Translator of a few books

10 What I am doing now ICOMOSInternational Council on Monuments and Sites – Counterpart of ICOM on immovable heritages – Leading advisory body for UNESCO World Heritage Committee on issues concerning World Cultural Heritagesnomination, evaluation, management and conservation

11 ICOMOS ChinaChinese National Committee of ICOMOS – NGO with a membership of over 600 Chinese experts in cultural heritagessecretariat as the standing body – Assistance in preparation of Chinas World Cultural Heritage Nominationvery strict requirement for justification of Outstanding Universal Value

12 Hangzhou Westlake Cultural Landscape2009 40 minutes from Shanghai Praised as paradise on earth

13 1 st Meeting of the Coordinating Committee on the Serial World Heritage Nomination of the Silk Road, Xian, November, 2009 Silk Road2010 The greatest road between east and west in the past Transnational nominationChina plus five central-Asian countries for the first stage 48 sites in China

14 Provide expertise in management and conservation of monuments and sites in China – Organizing seminars, training courses, publishing journals… – Providing research findings Study on the World Heritage Cultural Landscapes

15 One Suggestion Building of an efficient platform for information change and update between attendants e.g. Electronic newsletters (every half a year: one after the ITP, to introduce the attendants and new progress on the ITP; the other by the end of the year, every former participant provides an updated information about themselves and introduces what they have down through the year.

16 Thank You! Thank You!

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