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Scientists Benjamin Franklin Albert Einstein Pierre Curie & Marie Curie.

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2 Scientists

3 Benjamin Franklin

4 Albert Einstein

5 Pierre Curie & Marie Curie

6 Father of Integral Calculus Archimedes

7 Galileo Galilei

8 Isaac Newton

9 Nicolaus Copernicus



12 Show your view Which one do you think is more important? How do they change our life?

13 What do you know about them? Neil Amstrong Alexander Graham Bell Ray Tomlinson

14 Listening wordsspeakerachievement Thats one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. Neil Amstrong Mr Watson_____; I want you. Alexander Graham Bell QWERTYUIOPRay Tomlinson Part 1:Complete the chart Can you explain Tomlinsons message?_________

15 Listening Part 2:Complete the sentences 1.The words ________are famous because they are the _______of The Constitution of the United States of America. 2. Eureka is a word from the ____language and means__________. 3. If you ask a father, he might say:_______________. If you ask a mother, he might say:_______________.

16 B. the first cloned human being C. the first person to travel in time A. the first person on Mars

17 If you were a scientist… Which field would you work on?

18 what would you do? If you were lack of money for your project? How can you get money?

19 Role-play DrWilsn--- Working onAIDS Dr Winfrey-- Working on sending a manned spaceship to Mars Dr Smith-- Working on Growing food in drought areas DrJones--- Working on cloning

20 Introduce your project Explain why it is important Work in groups: Oneinterviewer Three--interviewee Rules

21 Useful expressions If I got the money, I would… My plan is to… I hope that… Id like to… I m thinking of… I want/ wish/ hope/ intend/ plan to…

22 If you want to succeed What else do you need besides money?

23 Homework 1.Make a dialogue 2.Preview the reading text ZHONG GUANCUN


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