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Matchmaking: Reducing the pressure of interviewing job candidates.

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1 Matchmaking: Reducing the pressure of interviewing job candidates

2 Therapists don’t do job interviewing? Have interviewed 7,000 people in 30 years Must engage with them quickly, and get them to talk about themselves Ask probing questions Make quick assessments

3 Therapists don’t do job interviewing? Must connect with varied backgrounds, educational and economic levels, ages, dealing with every issue imaginable. ps, I’ve interviewed, hired, and supervised multiple counselors, too.

4 What’s the point?

5 Finding the Right Fit Goal? Determine if they are a good fit for you, and vice versa Is this interview a test of how well they respond under pressure? If they are less tense, you’ll get a better picture of the real person. Less self-conscious = more honest answers

6 Who is this person anyway?

7 Create the Right Atmosphere Take care of you! Block off time to prepare, focus, get comfortable You go first! Tell them about the organization’s mission, successes, strengths, challenges being faced, etc. Tell them about you, your role, your background/history, something personal


9 Their turn Tell them something you’ve noticed in their background about them that caught your eye Tell me something about you that’s not on your resume Three or four questions: What is attractive to you about this job? Success you’re most proud of?

10 Take the ball back Give them a chance to get out of the hot seat Tell them about your work style, your expectations of others Traits of successful team members there Tell them about a current project, and ask how they would approach it.

11 Next questions for them Can use this for more probing questions-- Tell me about traits of the best boss you’ve had, and of the least favorite boss you’ve had. Describe the skills you’d like to strengthen in your next job?

12 Want a writing sample? Consider asking them what they see as the pros and cons of this job for them How do you stand out from your peers who are applying for this job?

13 Jim Balick, LCSW (571) 969-7878 Office near Courthouse in Arlington

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