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Reading A Student of African Wildlife..

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1 Reading A Student of African Wildlife.







8 After a glance at the title, what do you think the passage is about? Predicting

9 A PROTECTOR OF AFRICAN WILDLIFE What Jane discovered about chimps How Jane tried to protect the lives of chimps in their natural habitat Janes achievements How the group followed Janes way of studying chimps in the wild

10 Watching a family of chimps wake up. We follow as they wander into the forest. The mother chimp and her babies play in the tree. Go to sleep together in their nest for the night. The first paragraph The whole day

11 The second paragraph The first thing The second thing The third thing She discovered that chimps hunt and eat meat She observed chimps as a group hunting a monkey and then eating it She also discovered how chimps communicate with each other

12 True or false She hopes that chimps can be left in the forest. She supposes that people should not use chimps for entertainment. The third paragraph

13 She has spent more than forty years helping people understand her work. She has built many special places for the wild animals to live in.

14 The fourth paragraph Working with animals in their own environment. Gaining a doctors degree for her studies. Showing that women can live in the forest as men can. The achievement of Jane:

15 1.,. 2.,. 3.,. Only when you understand what I mean, can you realize your mistake. Only after the war was over did he come back to work. Only in this way can we finish the task in time.

16 argue for / against …… / …… The workers argued for the right to strike.. That famous lawyer will argue for the poor man. Some people argue against free trade.

17 12. inspire sb. to do His speech inspired us greatly. The teacher inspired us to make greater efforts. The memory of his childhood inspired his first novel. inspire ; inspired inspiring

18 Exercises 1. Its _________________ a foreign language. 2. She ________ his actions with interest. worthwhile to learn observed

19 3. The teachers praise _______ the class. 4. You should _______ yourself. inspired support

20 3. Debate (argument) Women are able to do more than men. Women are not able to do more than men.

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