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2 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Imagine a world without ……………….. Winston Churchill Van Gogh Beethoven These incredible people are just some of the many that have lived with Bipolar Disorder THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION UNDERSTANDING THE EXTREMES

3 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION What is Bipolar Disorder? Characterized by disabling mood swings between mania and depression. A higher suicide rate than any other disease or mental illness. 6th leading cause of medical disability worldwide. Greater degree of disability than osteoarthritis, HIV infection, diabetes, and asthma. 70% of patients are misdiagnosed. Bipolar Disorder imposes a substantial economic burden on society. Estimated annual societal cost in Australia is $1.59billion, of which about half in indirect costs. In Australia, over 200, 000 people are suffering from this illness. Every untreated patient costs their employer an average of $10, 000 per year in lost productivity.

4 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Aims To build a new awareness within Australia and internationally about the issues facing people with Bipolar Disorder. To raise funds to give grants for vital research into the causes and more effective diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. To inspire a world-wide audience via the documentary by combating the stigma currently associated with mental illness, and demonstrating that people with Bipolar Disorder can not only lead ordinary live but can achieve extraordinary things and lead full and successful lives. THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION UNDERSTANDING THE EXTREMES

5 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Ski with me to the last degree I believe a carer is a person who has extended friendship, emotionally and financially supported and shared in the frustrations with a close person with a mental illness.

6 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION The impact of living with Bipolar Disorder If your loved one has bipolar disorder, you can be an instrumental support throughout the treatment and recovery process. Here are some tips for family members: –Educate –Encourage –Get involved

7 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Empathy vs. Sympathy It is important to take care of yourself It’s important for you to build your own support system You will be best able to support the person you care about when you are healthy, rested and relaxed.

8 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION “Do not follow where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

9 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION South Pole – November 2009

10 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION North Pole – April 2010

11 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Why? In order to combat the massive public stigma associated with Bipolar Disorder, we have to think big and travel to the extremes to raise awareness. Sending teams to both poles will attract massive public attention and will be an adventure that parallels the extremes of the disorder.

12 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Puntus Arenas Patriot Hill 89 o SP Antarctic Circle The Last Degree to the South Pole November 2009 Distance: 112km Duration: 20 days including 14 days on ice THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION UNDERSTANDING THE EXTREMES "I am hell-bent for the South Pole — God willing and crevasses permitting."- Edmund Hillary.

13 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Arctic Circle Longyearbyen Borneo Ice station 89 o NP Distance: approximately 110km Duration: 12 days including 9 days on the Arctic ice THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION UNDERSTANDING THE EXTREMES The Last Degree to the North Pole April 2010

14 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Over 19 year’s experience in the adventure travel industry. Has led expeditions in over 64 countries. World Record Holder for the fastest journey from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. Skied to both the North and South Pole several times. Lecturer at the Royal Geographical Society and a published wildlife photographer. Jason De Carteret THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION UNDERSTANDING THE EXTREMES

15 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION THEBIPOLAREXPEDITION has teamed up with Peregrine to offer 100 people the opportunity to go on a spectacular 13 night cruise to cross the Antarctic Circle in December 2008. This journey takes us to one of the world’s most awe inspiring destinations. Sailing aboard our well-appointed vessel, we see Antarctic nature in all its glory, and even to spend a night camping out on shore if you wish. THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION UNDERSTANDING THE EXTREMES Crossing the Antarctic Circle Cruise December 2008 Peregrine Adventure is donating 10% of the voyage fare to go towards research on Bipolar Disorder.

16 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Partners Australian Rotary Health Research Fund – Provides financial support to research projects within Australia which have the potential to enhance the health of the community. –Last year contributed $1.51 million to support Mental Illness research in Australia. –Setting up THEBIPOLAREXPEDITION named funding scheme.

17 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Partners Black Dog Institute –An educational, research, clinical and community-oriented facility dedicated to improving understanding, diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders.

18 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Ski with me to the last degree to raise awareness for Bipolar Disorder How YOU can support: –Online Donations can be made at –As a registered charity, donations in Australia are tax deductible. –Spread the word about our expedition and what we hope to achieve. Donated Items Wanted –Bipolar Ball –Networking Function with Craig Hamilton Corporate Sponsorship Pack

19 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Contact Us Lisa Devereaux E: Sponsor me: Jason Hawley E: Sponsor me:

20 THE BIPOLAR EXPEDITION Thank You "Superhuman effort isn't worth a damn unless it achieves results." — Ernest Shackleton.



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