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Business Continuance Disaster Recovery Planning Preparing for the Unexpected Presented by Team TELUS and David Chalk of Chalk Media.

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1 Business Continuance Disaster Recovery Planning Preparing for the Unexpected Presented by Team TELUS and David Chalk of Chalk Media

2 Business. Backed by TELUS. Events that Require Business Continuance Solutions Natural Disasters –Ice Storms, Earthquakes, Heat Waves, Floods, Hurricanes –Tornadoes, Avalanches, Pestilence, Drought Infrastructure Disasters –Regional Power Loss –Water Contamination or Water Main breaks –Gas Leaks, Traffic Grid breakdowns People-initiated Disasters –Terrorism, Sabotage –Organized Labor Strikes Public Health –Pandemic

3 Business. Backed by TELUS. What would happen if… A pipe burst and your office was completely flooded? –Replace technology and rebuild, how much time is needed? What is the impact to the business? A fire in your electrical cabinet gutted your offices? –Recovery? Time, cost, how long are customers left in the balance? A severe storm knocked out power to your call centre? –Recovery estimated at 24 hours, what does it cost the business? There was a flu pandemic? –You cant go to the office for weeks/months – what is the impact?

4 Business. Backed by TELUS. Some recent examples… 1998 Ice Storm in Eastern Canada – estimated 7 Million in damages and impacting over 250,000 Canadians Summer 2006, Washington D.C., floods kept 280,000 workers home New York power outage lasted a week - 80,000 people and businesses were affected Toronto heat wave pushed electricity demand to record- setting levels in several regions, triggering brownouts, scattered outages – 50,000 people affected

5 Business. Backed by TELUS. And what about Customer Service… One bad interaction will decrease customer loyalty by 66% and be remembered for months –Gallup Group 70% of customers switch to the competition due to service quality issues –Forum Corporation 95% of unhappy customers will buy again if their problem is handled quickly and to their satisfaction What is the impact if your business/contact centre are unreachable?

6 Business. Backed by TELUS. Would you ever think about not having Home Insurance? Think of business continuance as insurance for your call centre… You pay approximately 3-5% of the total cost of your mortgage for your house insurance. Wouldnt it be worth it to pay 3-5% of the total cost of your call centre solution to have the piece of mind that you have a back up plan in the event of a disaster.

7 Business. Backed by TELUS. Developing a Business Continuity Plan Minimize Disruption of Mission Critical Functions within your call centre, create a plan for: –Agents –Customer Service –Retaining customer data –IT/Infrastructure Minimize Financial and Operational Exposure Enhance Customer Confidence –Let your customers know that you are ready for any disaster no matter how large or small.

8 Introducing CallCentreAnywhere Business Continuity

9 Business. Backed by TELUS. What is CallCentreAnywhere? A hosted Call Centre platform that allows Call Centre Staff to manage customer calls from Anywhere at Anytime, on Demand!

10 Business. Backed by TELUS. CallCentreAnywhere Phone Fax Web Chat Call Back Video SMS Agents Anywhere Home Office Small Office Branch Office Main Office

11 Business. Backed by TELUS. CallCentreAnywhere Monitoring Security PSTN NGN/Internet Integration Best Practice Availability Backup DRP ScalabilitySurvivability

12 Business. Backed by TELUS. Managing Change CallCentreAnywhere does not require systems integration, so all moves adds and changes can be done on-they-fly. Locations do no matter. Your workforce can be anywhere. Centralized control does not mean a centralized call center. You can virtualize if you want to – or let each separate centre work with complete autonomy. The TELUS network scales dynamically. No worries for any subscriber in terms of ordering call centre hardware and software. Administration Manager lets you create entire call centers ahead of time. Cutover is a snap. Just have phones and PCs with internet access. The rest is easy. Service Creation is fast with CallCentreAnywhere. You can react to new campaigns or entire call centres within hours.

13 Business. Backed by TELUS. Disaster Recovery: Switching to Remote Agents X Business Continuance Condition X PSTN Internet

14 Business. Backed by TELUS. Change Management How quickly are you able to adapt to changes based on all of the systems and software you are now using in your call centre? How flexible is your workforce? Are they prepared to work at a different location or from home in a pinch? What plans have you set up to grow from one centre to multiple ones or to add centres? How are you managing multiple sites? Business: Backed by TELUS CallCentreAnywhere is pre- integrated, so changes or moves do not require systems integration CallCentreAnywhere adapts to your workforce no matter how many locations are required. TELUS can set up CallCentreAnywhere so many locations look like one, or so each one has its own autonomy

15 Business. Backed by TELUS. How Does it Work as a DRP Solution? What do you need? All your agents need is a telephone, PC, and access to the Internet How is it priced? There are 2 components to the pricing. You pay for the stored agent license and a deployment fee. A simple and affordable insurance policy. How quickly can my Business Continuity plan be deployed? Immediately! Just activate your Preconfigured Stored Business Continuity plan by rerouting your toll free numbers to the TELUS CallCenterAnywhere platform.

16 Business. Backed by TELUS. Why do you need this for your business continuity plan? Customer Focus Affordability (opex) Speed to deploy Reliability Control Productivity Flexibility Deliver Competitive Advantage Drive Risk and Cost from business continuance while enabling Growth and Profitability

17 Business. Backed by TELUS. Case Study 50 agent logins Disaster recovery requirements to ensure inbound and outbound calls can be placed Cost Benefit: –Cost of deploying their Business Continuity Plan at anytime is 6% of their existing call centre agent license cost. Most important: Back-up system readily available to manage large influx of calls with zero set up time.

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