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Fingerprint Scanner for registering Student attendance.

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1 Fingerprint Scanner for registering Student attendance

2 Introduction Project Name Fingerprint Scanner for registering Student attendance Scope of Work Design Scanner using FingerPrint technology Implement Scanner using Java language Register student attendance Role Project Manager

3 Background & Literature review FingerPrint technology o Difficult to crack. o Cannot be guessed o Cannot be forgotten o Cannot be misplaced Java o Object Oriented language o Features - rich o Compatible

4 Aims & Objectives Aim - " The project aims at implementing a service for registering student attendance using Java and FingerPrint technology. Objectives - 1.To meet critical issue of registering attendance 2.To automate the registration process 3.To learn intricacies of project management (Gantt chart etc.) 4.To gain skills in Information Technology field (Java)

5 Tools and Techniques Modelling tools Microsoft Visio Project management tools Microsoft Project 2010 Programming tools Eclipse IDE Programming language Java

6 Project boundaries & Risks Assumptions Skilled resources will be recruited. Only Licensed softwares will be used. Proof of concept will need to be approved. Maintenance will not be handled. Availability of minimum resources to start the project. Risks Fluctuation in market can lead to increase in software fees. Non-skilled resources can delay the project. Non-availability of resources in FingerPrint technology.

7 Conclusion Goals attain within defined time and cost. Holistic view of IT and project management.

8 References & Bibliography

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