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Project Management.

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1 Project Management

2 Planning Defining the real problem Identifying the stakeholders
Setting the objectives Preparing for trade-offs Defining the activities

3 Define the real problem
Perceived need or purpose for what trying to do What led people to see this as problem to be solved Who has a stake in the outcome How do stakeholders goals differ What criteria will be used to determine success of project

4 Identify stakeholders
What functions or people might be affected by project’s activities or outcome Who contributes resources – people, space, time, tools, and money – to the project Who will use and benefit from output of project

5 Set project objectives
Specific Measurable Action oriented Realistic Time-limited

6 Aspects of project Quality – determine how to satisfy and measure quality standards Organization – roles, assignments, relationships, right people Communication – information for stakeholders and how to deliver Risk – determine and evaluate possible responses

7 Prepare for trade-offs
Time Cost Quality Quality = Time + Cost

8 Define activities Use work breakdown structure Major Tasks Sub-Tasks
Time duration

9 Starting the project Assemble the team Set the schedule
Develop a budget

10 Assign People to Tasks Who is part of the team
What skills are required Talk with each team member about their skill set Match people to tasks and skills required

11 Plan a kick-off meeting
Discuss roles and responsibilities How to work together Commitment to plan Commitment to schedule

12 Create project schedule
Know which deadlines have no flexibility Make tasks no longer than 4-6 weeks Use work breakdown schedule and assign deliverables Identify bottlenecks Establish communication system

13 Develop a critical path
Critical activities must be completed on time to meet project deadline Tools Critical path diagram – flow chart Performance Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) chart – flow chart Gantt chart – bar chart

14 Develop a budget Determine line items – personnel, travel, training, supplies, space, research, capital expenditures, overhead Other possible costs – training for staff and users, maintenance costs, licensing fees, outside support such as legal or accounting, etc.

15 How to manage the project
Stay on the critical path Decide what to delegate Monitor project’s progress What is important? Timely information Corrective action Monitor project’s budget Ensure quality control Report progress to stakeholder

16 How to manage the problems
Mission creep or change in scope Time slippage People Team structure Interpersonal Productivity

17 Ending the project Post-project evaluation Useful final report
Spirit of learning Outside facilitators Future status Ongoing critical tasks Risk assessment Information relevant to other projects Useful final report

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