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Online learning at UCL A guide for new students E-Learning Environments -

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1 Online learning at UCL A guide for new students E-Learning Environments -

2 2 What is Moodle? [edit this as appropriate…] UCL’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Contains tools to support learning & teaching


4 First steps [edit as appropriate…] Browse to Moodle: Join [Moodle Student Inductions] course: []

5 How should you use it? [edit as applicable…] Expect to spend between [#] and [#] hours each week using Moodle or related resources You are [expected/invited] to contribute to parts of the course [and to work with others students] [course screenshot]

6 What we use Moodle for [edit as applicable…] Course information (hand outs, notes & other documents) Assignments should be submitted using [Turnitin/Moodle assignments/on paper] Lectures will be recorded and available via the [Lecturecast block] The timetable is in the [Timetable block] Readings are in the [Library block] We use [the Moodle News Forum/email/lectures] for key announcements You can ask module-related questions using [Moodle discussion forums/email/tutorials/tutor drop-ins] […any other expectations that will help your students…]

7 Using Turnitin [edit as applicable…] Submissions to Turnitin are made via UCL Moodle You will be able to view your Originality Report [Submissions are anonymised] [Your assignment grades will be available in Moodle] Feedback will be provided in [Moodle/paper copy/email] Advice, support and a central submission service is available to all UCL students within the Plagiarism and academic writing Moodle course (available from the Moodle help menu):Plagiarism and academic writing

8 A word about forums [edit if you use or delete] This course makes [extensive/some/a little] use of discussion forums You are [expected/invited] to contribute to these [and to reply to other students’ postings] Please start by introducing yourself on the [Introductions forum] The News Forum is for staff to make announcements – students can’t reply to these The [Ask a question] forum is for you to ask for clarification about any aspect of the course. Tutors will monitor this and will respond on [Tuesdays & Fridays]. You are invited to answer other students’ questions yourself though. The [Social] forum is for students to use for non-academic conversations – staff may look in occasionally, but will not contribute The [weekly discussion] forum is for you to [share your thoughts on this week’s readings]. You are [encouraged/expected] to post here, and reply to each other [on a regular basis].

9 Login Help Before you’ve logged in…

10 Help Once you’ve logged in… Edit your profile

11 List of courses you’re enrolled on Search for a course Once you’ve logged in… Click here to browse all courses

12 Click the course title to enter Once you’ve searched…

13 A password may be required… 2.Click enrol me 1.Enter the enrolment key provided by your tutor

14 Scroll down to see the other course content In a course… ‘Breadcrumb trail’ - to navigate course and get back to UCL Moodle home page (My Home)

15 In a course… Or use the tabs to navigate through each section of the course

16 Other e-learning services at UCL…

17 MyPortfolio Curriculum Vitae Journal images files external news notes links


19 Personal & Professional Development (PPD) Use Portico for planning and reviewing your PPD Guidance and resources on the PPD website: Guidance for developing your knowledge and skills Links to learning resources Personal tutor information Help using your PPD record Academic skillsSelf-management skills Communication skillsInterpersonal skills

20 UCL Wiki You have access to a personal Wiki space You can keep this private or share it with others

21 21 Hands-on exercises [edit as applicable] 1.Go to & 2.See which courses are in your ‘My Courses’ list 3.Search for the course [‘Department induction / Moodle Inductions] 4.Enrol on it [using “insertkey” as the enrolment key] 5.Edit your profile with info about yourself – if you’ve got a photo (of yourself) to hand do upload it! 6.Introduce yourself to your fellow students using the [Introductions] forum 7.Reply to at least one other forum post 8.Work through the [content and activities] in the course [suggestions – quiz, choice activity, link to online library reading list, upload a file for an ‘assignment’] 9.Any questions – please ask!

22 Any Questions?

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