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Mount Tabor High School Rising Freshmen Forum May 27, 2014.

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1 Mount Tabor High School Rising Freshmen Forum May 27, 2014

2 Agenda The Tabor Experience Summer Reading Project Successful Planning Questions for the Panel

3 Tabor Forum Series Fall Social & Emotional Wellbeing Spring Summer Opportunities Fall Major Sophomore Year Events Spring Preparing for Junior Year Junior Year Fall College Planning, Standardized Test Prep Spring College Planning in Full Gear Fall College Applications & Scholarships Spring Senior Awards Day Senior Year Sophomore Year Freshman Year Preparing Parents and Students

4 The Tabor Experience equals… Over 96% of our 2013 graduates pursued higher education 92% graduation rate $18MM total scholarships and grants 1,292 total AP tests in 2013, with 71% scoring 3 or higher 50+ Honor level courses 30 Advanced Placement courses Academic Excellence

5 Consistently ranked in the Top 1% of high schools in America by NEWSWEEK Magazine Supplied one-fourth of all WS/FCS students accepted to Governor’s School over past 3 years 38% of our teachers have advanced degrees The Tabor Experience equals… Academic Excellence 21 of the staff are National Board Certified

6 The Tabor Experience Every Spartan Belongs Here Start Off On The Right Foot Parent Spartans Belong Too

7 Every Spartan Belongs Here Many ways to get involved SPORTS +600 Tabor student-athletes represent the Spartans in 36 different sports PERFORMING ARTS Spartan Band & Orchestra Chorus Drama Dance CLUBS Interest Clubs Service Clubs Vocational Clubs ACADEMIC TEAMS General Knowledge Math History Science PUBLICATIONS The Dorian The Dorian Scroll Cadence

8 Get Off On the Right Foot Fall sports and band start in summer   Cross country, field hockey, football, men’s soccer, volleyball, women’s tennis, cheerleading, band   June/July workouts & team camps   August tryouts & required practice   Student physical form requirements Plan for the increased workload   How much time to invest in homework, sports, and band practice each day   Determine study skills that work best for the student (index cards, active reading, etc.)   Get organized and stay organized

9 PTSA Structure: How Parents Can Stay Involved 3 supportive Parent Volunteer Boards run by an Executive Board:   Academics   Arts   Athletics +10,000 Parent volunteer hours each year Come to games, concerts, plays KL Rights emails Executive Committee Arts Board Academics Board Athletics Board

10 Driver’s Education The state of NC requires anyone under the age of 18 to complete a driver education course consisting of 30 hours in the classroom and 6 hours behind-the-wheel. To be eligible to register for a class session, they must be 14 years and 6 months old by the first day of class. All driver’s ed classes are taught by North Carolina Driving School, Inc. The cost is $55. For more info, visit or call

11 Driver’s Education North Carolina Driving School has posted one summer driver’s ed class session at Mt Tabor in 2014.   June 16 th – June 26 th   8:00am – 12:00pm   Registration begins on May 26 th Students may register to take driver’s ed at a different school during the summer sessions. After classroom completion, you will receive a call within 30 to 90 days from your driving instructor to set up your behind-the-wheel schedule.

12 Summer Reading Project Purchase the book if possible. If you can’t we will provide a copy. Books can be checked out at main office of Mt. Tabor, starting June 16th. Or, you can check one out tonight! Students are to complete the reading guide assigned to their novel. They can hand write on it as they read, but it must also be typed and uploaded into by the due date. This assignment will be uploaded on the MTHS website. For students in the fall, the test on the book will be given on September 8th, 2014. For spring semester students, the test will be given on Feb. 4th, 2015. They can opt to take the test on Sept. 8th in the fall. 9 th Grade Standard9 th Grade Honors9 th Grade Seminar Crazy Horse Electric Game By Chris Crutcher Ender’s Game By Orson Scott Card Lord of the Flies By William Golding

13 Summer Reading Project Start reading in June – you can get the book tonight. They should review the reading guide before starting the book to help them know what to look for as they read. Use the pacing guide provided on the study guide. Learn to read for meaning, asking questions as you go. If playing a fall sport, try to finish assignment by August 1 st. 9 th Grade Standard9 th Grade Honors9 th Grade Seminar Crazy Horse Electric Game By Chris Crutcher Ender’s Game By Orson Scott Card Lord of the Flies By William Golding

14 Guidance Counselors A-D Ms. Corey Daniel E-H Ms. Kristine Doyle I-M Ms. Colleen Santos Roberts N-R Mr. Stan Huck (Director) S-Z Mr. David Naff

15 Being Successful at Mount Tabor Get involved - the more they put into the school community, the more they get out. They should determine what interests them and delve deeper into it each year. Encourage them to take more and more responsibility for themselves over time.

16 Trouble Shooting If they get overwhelmed, they should contact teacher or guidance counselor If they aren’t getting invested…   Ask guidance counselor for ideas   Peer mentoring through National Honor Society Resources for parents and students   Tutoring available from every teacher before or after school   Free tutoring lab after school for exams   Talk to other parents of high schoolers   Parent Portal

17 Keep Records for High School Resume Plan: Reading _ __ _Math _ __ _ Writing _ __ _ Science _ __ _ Date Taken: __ ___ ACT: Reading _ __ _Math _ __ _ Writing _ __ _ Science _ __ _ Date Taken: __ ___ PSAT: Reading _ __ _Math _ __ _ Writing _ __ _ Total _ __ _ Date Taken: __ ___ SAT: Reading ___ Math ___ Writing ___ (xx/yy) Total ____ Date Taken : ____ AP Exams: Date: _______ Subject: __________________Score: ____ Honor Organizations : (i.e. National Honor Society, Language Honor Society) Service Clubs and Special Interest Groups : (i.e. Key Club, Spanish Club, Academic Teams) Athletic Activities : (Indicate sport and leadership positions) Publications : (Newspaper or Yearbook) Student-Elected Leadership : (Class, Club, Student Government Officer) Special Academic Enrichment Programs : (i.e. Youth & Government, Outward Bound) Special Awards : (i.e. Science Fair, History day, MVP, Scouting) Community, Religious, Service Activities : Community Leadership : Employment : Hobbies and Special Interests :

18 Common Core English English 1, English 2, English 3, English 4 Math Math 1, Math 2, Math 3, Advanced Math Science Earth/Environmental, Biology, Chemistry, Science Elective Social Studies World History, Civics, American History I, American History II PE/Health/LMS PE1/Dance 1A, PE2/Dance 1B, Life Management Skills, Health Electives Minimum 4 credits, 2 from same foreign language for UNC System minimum admissions requirements 22 Credit Minimum

19 Exams Common Exams EOC Exams 20% of overall grade English Language Arts I, III, and IV Earth/Environmental Science Chemistry Physics Physical Science World History Civics and Economics American History I American History II Math II Math III Advanced Functions and Modeling Precalculus OCS Math I OCS English Language Arts I, III, and IV Math I English II Biology

20 Block Schedule Schedule operates on a 4 period block, A/B day format Most classes are 90 min. block everyday for a semester Some classes are 90 min. every other day all year   (arts, foreign language, AP, JROTC, journalism, some math) 1 st Period 8:55-10:25 2 nd Period 10:30-12:00 3 rd Period 12:05-2:05 4 th Period 2:10-3:40

21  Nonprofit organization that helps prepare students for successful college admission.  If currently in program, automatically transfers to high school.  If not already in program, apply online Sept 1 st – Oct 1 st.  Open door policy – if you apply, you are accepted. Crosby Scholars

22  No OSS infractions throughout HS career  Complete required community service (min. 2 hours) each year  Attend required Crosby Scholars academies each year  Enroll in “It’s Your Call”  Maintain a min. 2.0 QPA Additional information at: Crosby Scholars Program Requirements

23 Student Panel Karis Adams - 11th grade Aniyah Brown-10 th grade Aaliyah Goodman - 9th grade Elliott Harrington - 9th grade Evan McIntosh - 11th grade Sofia Pauca - 9th grade Julia Sheff - 11th grade Sabrina Smith - 12th grade Grace Tedder - 10th grade Quentin Teta - 10th grade Jordan Williams - 12th grade

24 Mount Tabor High School Excellence in Every Endeavor

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