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The Top Four User Requested Grid Features Delivered With SAS Grid Manager 9.4 Doug Haigh SAS Institute.

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1 The Top Four User Requested Grid Features Delivered With SAS Grid Manager 9.4 Doug Haigh SAS Institute

2 Summary of New Features  Option Sets  Workspace Servers launched using the grid  Logging  SASGSUB enhanced wait

3 Grid Options Sets

4 Managing users and grid applications in 9.3 Specific users using specific applications needing specific grid options + One set of grid options per SAS application server context = Multiple SAS application server contexts

5 An example…

6 What is needed DIS SASGSUB DIS SAS Options:-memsize 256 Resources: Resources: Grid Options:queue=normal DIS GRID OPTIONS SAS Options:-memsize 0 Resources:GSUB Grid Options:queue=night SASGSUB OPTIONS Risk Finance

7 Same deployment in 9.4 Using Grid Options Sets

8 Grid Options Sets  Grouping of options commonly used by grid  Mapped in a grid server to a grid application for a user  Can be mapped multiple times  Override default options

9 Logical Grid Server Metadata Default options

10 Grid Options Set Mapping Wizard Where grid options sets are managed

11 Grid Options Set Editor

12 How it is used  New gridoptset option on grdsvc_enable grdsvc_enable(_All_, "server=SASApp; gridoptset='MyAppGridOpts'")  Client applications that generate grid code  Client applications that submit to grid  Object Spawner

13 Grid-launched Workspace Servers

14 In 9.3, using the grid in EG EG Workspace Server GRID Grid Server EG/AMO Grid macros

15 Now in 9.4… EG Workspace Server GRID

16 New workspace server load balancing option

17 Logging Enhancements

18 In 9.3, debugging involved…  Different debug options  TCPDEBUG  CNTDEBUG  SAS_GRID_DEBUG  STDOUTPUT  VERBOSE  SAS Logging Facility  Different debug output  TCPDFILE  CNTDFILE  SAS LOG  SPAWNER.DAT  SASGRID.STDOUT  SASGRID.STDERR  SAS Logging Facility

19 Now in 9.4, debugging is standardized  SAS Logging Facility  SASGRID script log file

20 SASGSUB Wait Enhancements

21 In 9.3, waiting for grid job using SASGSUB sasgsub –gridsubmitpgm –gridwait sasgsub –gridgetresults

22 Now in 9.4, the script is… sasgsub –gridsubmitpgm –gridwaitresults –gridwaittimeout 3600 rc=$? (or rc=%ERRORLEVEL% for Windows )

23 Summary of New Features  O ption Sets  W orkspace Servers launched using the grid  L ogging  S ASGSUB enhanced wait


25 How does it work? Default Values SAS Options -memsize 256M -DBCS Required Resources SASApp Grid Options queue=normal Options Set Values SAS Options -memsize 0 Required Resources Teradata Grid Options queue=priority Merged Option Values SAS Options -memsize 256M –DBCS –memsize 0 Required Resources SASApp Teradata Grid Options queue=normal queue=priority Resulting Option Values SAS Options-DBCS -memsize 0 Required ResourcesSASApp Teradata Grid Optionsqueue=priority

26 Where Options Sets live

27 Application Names in Mapping Wizard  Name of folder in /System/Applications  Configuration set property indicating application was grid capable

28 Grid Workspace Servers & Options Sets  For Object Spawner to get Options Set, it needs client application name New client connection (6) accepted from server port 8594 for user... for APPNAME=SAS Data Integration Studio.  Application name must match folder name

29 What about Old Applications?  Create a folder under /System/Applications  Set isGridCapable keyword  If name is different, set name on isGridCapable keyword  isGridCapable:SAS Enterprise Miner Mid-Tier  isGridCapable:*SAS Enterprise Miner  isGridCapable:SAS Enterprise Miner*  isGridCapable:*SAS Enterprise Miner*

30 Keywords

31 Helping the match-making process  Make sure application sends APPNAME to spawner  Make sure APPNAME matches  Folder name  isGridCapable pattern  Make sure a mapping exists for app server and user

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