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Total Resource Management RulesManager New Features August 21, 2012 Al Johnson, VP RulesManager Architecht.

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1 Total Resource Management RulesManager New Features August 21, 2012 Al Johnson, VP RulesManager Architecht

2 New Features Single View into All Maximo Business Logic Team Integration & Source Control Rule Reporting Wizard New Enhanced, Intuitive UI Elements The return of Focus Order Scripting Console Remote Web Server Console Live Rule Debugger

3 New Window into Business Logic Rule Explorer View allows a single View for Rules and Maximo Configurations: Condition Expressions Maximo AutoScripts And RulesManager Rules (as always ) Clicking on a Conditional Expression or AutoScript takes you directly to that entitys Maximo Configuration page. Clicking on RulesManager Rule opens the RM Editor.

4 Team Integration & Source Control Rule Files are now Source Control Compatible in Eclipse SVN (Sub-version) Visual Source Safe CVS (please dont) Any Eclipse capable Source Control System History, Revisioning, Check-in, Check-out with multiple developers RM Support offers a free VM with a fully functioning SVN server and preconfigured repository for customers use.

5 Rule Reporting Wizard New Wizard in RulesManager Developer creates a spread-sheet to show all configured rules. Sheets can be organized by any parameter (App, Group, Site, etc) so that each sheet in the spreadsheet will contain all Rules for the sheets condition. Report can contain Maximo core logic configured in Conditional Expressions and AutoScripts.

6 Enhanced UI Wizard Control Picker No longer needs to use Application Designer in Maximo to figure out the names for controls, tabs, sections. Etc. Selecting Use App Wizard while building a rule presents you with a local (fast) representation of the Maximo presentation youre configuring

7 The Return of Field Ordering Maximo has no facility to allow you to set Tab Order on an applications page (They fall out in Presentation Order) RulesManager offered this capability in Version 5, but was forced to drop it in Version 6 of Maximo due to IBMs major redesign of the UI. Due to an overwhelming number of customer request, we have reimplemented

8 Scripting Console A JavaScript live console connected directly to your Maximo Instance directly in RulesManager Developer. Vastly accelerate development of rules by allowing scripted access to the remote server. Test rule snippets and logic directly in this new Console Inspect or Modify any Maximo MboSet directly in the Rule Writing Environment.

9 Remote Server Console Not All Rule Developers can get access to the Maximo Log files from the remote serve Especially true in SaaS or Hosted environments Sometimes due to IT constraints and procedures Click on your Server connection in RulesManager Developer and Open Remote Console Connects immediately directly to the Maximo Logging Stream All Console output written to the server logs is fed live to your log console in your Rule Writing Session.


11 Live Rule Debugging Set Break Points in Rules Navigate in Maximo to a test case The Debugger Perspective activates and you can single step and Debug the Rule





16 Next Release

17 RulesManager Studio for Maximo Intelligent Rule Tags All Rules will be configurable to contain any number of Defined Attributes i.e. Requirement #, Last Modified By, Tested By, Tested Date Rule Editors will contain a Property Sheet where Rule Writers will fill in the Defined Attributes Enhanced Rule Reporting Rule Reports can now contain All previous capability with the addition Of User Defined Fields MIF Integration Scriptable MIF – RulesManager scripts for UserExits and much eased Configuration of the entire subsystem in the Rules Developer.

18 Custom Maximo Module Development Maximo's Best Kept Secret At its core, it's an amazing web platform for Data Driven Applications Solid Core of Transactional Database capabilities Maximo's Applications are simply built on this core Why doesn't anyone build them? Maximo has a building tool for the Web Screens Maximo tables and related data can be built easily using their configuration tools The ONLY way to build the business logic to make those screens function is to build scores, sometimes hundreds of Java Classes RulesManager Solves this Problem. The core logic of your integrated application can be built using Rule Sets in a vastly accelerated, safe way.

19 Questions?

20 TRMs RulesManager Allows Maximo to be substantially configured while remaining out-of-the-box. Requires no Java programming. Incorporates a real-time debugger for developers. As the only product in the market, addresses Maximo life cycle management. 20 Allows all rules configured in one version of Maximo to operate in subsequent versions. Allows Maximo to be bridged with external environments, including JDBC, FTP, HTTP, JavaScript, Web Services, etc. Provides a powerful standalone scripting engine for bulk data loading. RulesManager dramatically reduces the time, cost and risks of implementing, configuring and managing the lifecycle of Maximo. Implementation time for Maximo configurations reduced by 40-60%. Development time for custom applications for Maximo reduced by 50%. Maximo upgrade costs reduced by 60- 70%.

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