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Spanish Residency Card RENEWAL Process

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1 Spanish Residency Card RENEWAL Process
The Spanish authorities require you to RENEW your Spanish Residency Card. If during the renewal process you must travel outside Spain you must have an “Autorización de Regreso” to re-enter Spain

2 To renew your Residency Card (NIE)
You are not allowed to enter into Spain again if your residency card (NIE) has expired unless you have a NEW VISA You MUST renew your card, no earlier than 60 days prior to the card’s expiration date, and no later than 90 days after it expires. For example, if your card expires on July 31st , you can apply between on June 1st until on September 26th If you do not submit all the necessary documentation on time, you will have to apply for a new Visa to enter Spain in your home country and start the NIE application process all over again. You may travel while you are renewing your NIE, BUT you MUST have an “Autorización de regreso” to re-enter Spain again

3 Requirements to renew your NIE
You need to go to the “Registro” situated at Calle Garcia de Paredes, 65 and submit the following documents (you may need to try different internet browsers): Application form EX-00. Be sure to fill out the form online before printing it out. You need 2 COPIES. For assistance in filling out this form, please click here Passport (original and copy of ALL the pages) Actual Student Residency Card (original and copy) Certificate for the residency card (prepared by the Registrar Office) Your Sanitas Card (original and copy) Form # Fill out online (option 1.3), pay the fees. Print it out. Your Spanish bank account financial statement. You must proof to use this account on a regular basis and to have a monthly deposit of at least 550 € for the 6 to 12 months of your stay. Financial statements from non-Spanish entities must be translated into Spanish by special legal translators.

4 “Autorización de Regreso” Application
YOU MUST apply for it if you are in the process of renewing your residency card and you must travel outside Spain You are responsible for obtaining this re-entry permit (autorización de regreso) You MUST make an appointment online : Appointments for the re-entry permit may be made online by clicking here For help in making this appointment, please click here. Be sure to print out your appointment confirmation as you will need to present this form on the day of your appointment.

5 And take the following documents to the Police Station in Aluche:
Your Appointment letter Your Passport (original and copy) Your Current Student Residency Card (the original and one copy) Your travel/flight itinerary Form # (available in the Student Life office) that you have paid the fees to apply for this “Autorización” at a local bank Form EX 13 (that must be filled out online and then printed out) The copy EX00 that the “Registro”, at Calle Garcia de Paredes 65, gave to you

6 Important Note: The SLU-Madrid Campus helps and mentors students going through the NIE Application process, NIE renewal and Autorización de Regreso application. In order to receive this help and mentoring you MUST go to the Student Life Office and/or contact: Students are the people responsible to follow all the guidelines and deadlines established by the Spanish Authorities as these are Spanish legal procedures over which SLU-Madrid has no authority nor control.

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