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2 Introduction of Visa/Document Status Tracker This presentation will introduce the new Visa/Document Status Tracker database The database was created by the PFA/Travel Department to track activities and documents associated with obtaining visas for business travel The Tracker contains 2 spreadsheets: – The Visa Tracker shows all activities associated with the visa application process – The Document Tracker shows what current documents (passports and visas) the traveler currently has on file with the Travel Department A user can view the status of their current visa application and ensure the Travel Dept has their most recent documents Users should access the Visa/Document Status Tracker on a regular basis to ensure all information is correct.

3 Breakdown of Visas by Continent

4 Sample Trackers

5 Visa/Document Status Tracker Database Visa Tracker view This is the full Visa Tracker database To view the Document Tracker database, the user will click on the top tab Only portions of the database will be shown on the screen at one time User will scroll through the database to view additional columns The user can change their password or logout from each screen

6 Visa/Document Status Tracker Database Document Tracker view This is the full Document Tracker database There are columns to accommodate information for: – 2 passports – 5 visas To return to the Visa Tracker database, the user will click on the top tab

7 Visa Tracker Database The Visa Tracker Database is a complete record of the activities associated with obtaining a visa. The Visa Tracker will also give the “Recommended” time frames in order to obtain a visa in advance of travel. – We wanted to give employees and planners advice on the estimated time it takes to obtain a visa. – The intent is to start the application well in advance of travel in order to reduce the possibility of not obtaining a visa. – Going through the visa application process, and not obtaining the visa, costs time and effort on the part of the traveler, the Travel Dept, and the visa expeditor. The Visa Tracker is also intended to serve as documentation of when documents and applications were initiated and finalized. – The goal is to involve the traveler, Travel Dept, and planners in the process. – Any discrepancies found by a traveler or a planner should be immediately communicated to the Travel Dept for correction. The Visa Tracker will show all international travel and indicate when a visa is required or not required. The next few slides will go into detail regarding the information shown in the Visa Status Tracker.

8 Visa Status Tracker Name of employee Employee ID # Notification Received – Date Ellen is notified of new trip Traveler to be Notified By – Date Ellen will contact traveler with visa requirements. On average - 60 days in advance. Some consulates reject applications submitted prior to 60 days. Engagement Begins – Date official business begins – Most “Recommended Dates” are based on this date (will be described in the following slides)

9 Visa Status Tracker (con’t) Country (traveling to) Visa Required – This is a Yes or No column Traveler Needs Visa – If “Visa Required” is No, then traveler would not need visa – If “Visa Required” is Yes, then response could be either Yes or No: If answered Yes, traveler will either: – Obtain the visa through the Travel Dept – Obtain the visa on their own (see explanation below) If answer is No, next column will explain reason why traveler does not need a visa, i.e.: – Getting it upon arrival – Has a valid visa to that country – Entering as a tourist (not recommended unless necessary) Reason No Visa Required (see above) Is Traveler Obtaining Visa On Own – If a Visa is Required, and the Traveler Needs a Visa, in some cases the traveler will obtain the visa on their own, i.e.: For non-U.S. citizens, the traveler may need to process the visa application within their country and may not be able to use the Travel Dept visa expeditor. Ellen will advise the traveler if this is the case and provide assistance as permitted.

10 Visa Status Tracker (con’t) RECOMMENDED DATE columns: – Columns highlighted in blue contain formulas based on the “Engagement Begins” date. These columns should be used as guidelines to instruct travelers of the optimal dates to provide the documents needed to process a visa in time for travel. In most cases, Ellen will submit documents before the “Recommended” dates, and visas will be received in advance of these dates. These dates are in place to ensure all visas can be obtained prior to travel.

11 Visa Status Tracker (con’t) RECOMMENDED DATE: Invite Letter Requested – Most countries that require a visa also require an invitation letter from the host – We recommend the invitation letter be requested no later than 75 days prior to the Engagement Begin date. Ellen will request this letter upon confirmation of the engagement. ACTUAL DATE: Invite Letter Requested – Actual date requested Invite Letter Received – Actual date received

12 Visa Status Tracker (con’t) Business Letter Complete – If a business letter is needed, Ellen will create this letter and include it with the visa application. State Dept Notified – For U.S. citizens, Ellen will notify the State Dept in advance of travel. If a date is shown, Ellen has notified the State Dept. If no date is shown, Ellen has not yet notified the State Dept. She will do so closer to the dept date. If NA is shown, Ellen will not be contacting the State Dept for these travelers (non-U.S. citizens). – For Non-U.S. citizens, we are unable to register an employee’s information. Below are links to the countries that will register their citizen traveling to another country: State Dept Notification - Saudi Arabia State Dept Notification - Canada State Dept Notification - Ireland State Dept Notification - Singapore State Dept Notification - Austria These travelers should register on their own prior to travel. For citizens from countries not shown, please contact your local authority to determine if your country will register your information.

13 Visa Status Tracker (con’t) RECOMMENDED DATE: Kit Sent to Traveler – It is recommended the visa application kit be sent to the traveler at least 60 days prior to travel ACTUAL DATE: Kit Sent to Traveler – The actual date the kit is sent RECOMMENDED DATE: Receive Kit from Traveler – It is recommended the Travel Dept receive the completed visa application kit back from the traveler no later than 30 days prior to travel ACTUAL DATE: Receive Kit from Traveler – The actual date the kit is received into the Travel Dept. Kit Sent to Vendor – The actual date Ellen sends the kit to the visa expeditor Vendor Used – There are 2 visa expeditor services used by the Travel Dept: A. Briggs CIBT – The Travel Dept will use A. Briggs as the primary vendor, unless they are unable to complete the visa in time for travel. In that case, CIBT may be used.

14 Visa Status Tracker (con’t) RECOMMENDED DATE: Final documents received – It is recommended the final documents (passport with applicable visa stamp) be received no later than 21 days in advance of travel Docs Received 5 Days Before Dept: – This column advises if the documents will be received at least 5 days prior to travel – This is a Yes or No column Rush Required: – If documents will not be received (by the Travel Dept) at least 5 days prior, rush processing will be required – This is a Yes or No column Actual Date: Documents Received from Vendor – This is the actual date documents are received by the Travel Dept.

15 Document Status Tracker The Document Status Tracker is a record of the documents on file with the Travel Dept. No personal identification (i.e., passport number) is shown in the Tracker. It is important that travelers give a complete accounting of all valid documents they have in their possession. This information is crucial to the planners/schedulers when determining who can travel for an engagement.

16 Document Status Tracker The Document Tracker will show information on an employee’s 1 st and 2 nd passport. It shows the issuing country and type of passport (i.e., 10 year, 2 year) Ellen will contact the traveler approximately 8 months prior to the expiration date to discuss the renewal process. ------------------------------------- The Document Tracker will show all visas employee has on file (max 5). The Tracker will show country where visa was required; and the expiration date of the visa.

17 Records in the Visa Status Tracker There are 2 types of records that will be shown in the Visa Status Tracker: 1.Visa process is handled by the Travel Dept (All columns will populate) – Country requires visa – Traveler needs that visa – Process is being handled through the Travel Dept – All columns will be completed 2.Visa process is not being handled by the Travel Dept (Columns will stop populating after the State Dept Notification column) a.Country does not require a visa b.Country requires visa, Traveler needs a visa, but will obtain on own  Typically non-U.S. employee  Travel Dept will give instructions and assistance where possible c.Traveler does not need a visa  Traveler can obtain it upon arrival  Traveler has a current visa to that country  Country can issue an evisa 3.Some travelers will have both types of records shown in the Tracker  Records containing visas being handled by the Travel Dept will show all columns  Records containing visas not be handled by the Travel Dept, or no visa required, will show columns grayed- out after the State Dept Notified column.

18 Sample view of Visa Status Tracker State Dept Notified Column Columns grayed-out. Obtaining visa upon arrival. Visa handled through Travel Dept. All columns will be populated.

19 How to Access the Trackers Format: Last name: last name, all lower-case (ex. smith) Employee ID: ID # - 5 digits (ex. 01234) Password: last name and employee ID # (smith01234) Visa Document Status Tracker Click on the link below to access the Visa/Document Status Tracker:

20 Change Password Click on Change Password Create unique password for future use

21 For more information, contact: Ellen Fitzgerald – Travel Coordinator – Phone: 630-792-5810 – Email: Rosanne Peterson – Travel Manager – Phone: 630-792-5641 – Email:


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