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Manual Handling.

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1 Manual Handling

2 Manual Handling Definition
Any activities requiring the use of force by a person to lift, lower, push, pull, carry, move, hold or restrain a person or an object.

3 What work techniques can help prevent manual handling injuries?
A. Planning the lift Check clear pathways for over 16kg use mechanical aids consider your own capacity B. Performing the lift check the weight of the load start with smaller loads use whole hand grip for good balance, support with feet shoulder width apart hold the load close to the body Keep back straight when moving the load use hip and knee joints to bend to the object do not twist or bend the back sideways

4 Pushing and Pulling Manual material handling may require pushing or pulling. Pushing is much easier on the back than pulling. It is important to use both the arms and legs to provide the strength to start the push

5 MANUAL HANDLING VIDEO This DVD comes with a Facilitator's Guide
What is manual handling?   Manual handling includes lifting, holding, pushing, pulling, shifting and lowering. In fact, any form of human could be included – with or without the use of mechanical aids.   This program covers: Detailed description of manual handling The problems and how injuries are caused The types of injuries Steps to deal with manual handling DVD to buy $250

6 Question and Answer My job is mostly computer based. What can I do to reduce the risk of injury in my role? Manual handling includes far more than lifting heavy objects or hard manual labour. Manual handling includes activities with repetitive actions (e.g. typing) and continued work postures (e.g. sitting or standing at a workstation). As with any manual handling task it is important that all the risk factors are assessed and controls put in place to reduce the risk of injury

7 Manual Handling Forms To get a better understanding of the manual handling guide of the office environment, you can go to this check list web site to give you more information.

8 Correct Posture for Men and Women
This picture gives us an idea of how much weight men and women can carry in the office.

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