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Industrial Joystick Controllers

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1 Industrial Joystick Controllers
The Spohn + Burkhardt joystick controller products are primarily sold in heavy industries such as: aluminium smelters steel mills construction mining

2 Industrial joystick controllers provide control switching for various applications such as:
Ports and harbours Ship loaders Stackers Reclaimers Gantry cranes Shovels Drag lines

3 VCS0 Light/Medium Duty up to 10 amps
Product Information M0N Light Duty up to 2 amps VCS0 Light/Medium Duty up to 10 amps VNS0 Medium/Heavy Duty up to 16 amps VNS2 Heavy Duty AC Current up 25 amps VNSB2 Heavy Duty DC Current up to 25 amps SF Footswitches Operator Chairs and Consoles

4 Steps - The notches or “steps” felt when moving the joystick in any particular direction.
The “steps” of a joystick are often represented via the following numbering method. The zero “0” represents the center position of the joystick, and the numbers on either side represent the number of steps available in the joysticks travel. E.g: would represent 1 step away from center in each direction. 7-0-7 would represent 7 steps away from center in each direction.

5 Stepless - Refers to a contact arrangement that has no notching during its travel. A stepless arraignment is usually used in conjunction with potentiometers and encoders to allow for a smooth , linear operation. Travel - Refers to the total movement of a joystick in a given direction. A full length travel would be defined as the movement of a particular joystick from its center position, to the limit of its movement in given direction. The full travel of a joystick is independent from the number of steps a joystick may posses. Motion: A one motion joystick is a joystick with one axis, that being either up-down or left-right. A two motion joystick has both axis

6 Contact Block - A contact block is the block in which the electrical contacts are housed. Each contact block contains two sets of contacts. Contact System - Is a completed contact arrangement, the arrangement may consist of one or more sets of contacts blocks, cams and mounted accessories. Drive Arrangement - The position in which the contact system is mounted. E.g: On one of the four sides, or a combination of sides or even on the base.

7 Orientation - The co-ordinate system used to distinguish one direction of travel from another. There are two common orientation designations currently being used. E.g: A N C D W E B S

8 VCSO Series Compact Potentiometer available Variety of switch arrangements Light Weight

9 VNSO Series Strengthened alloy chassis General industrial Potentiometer available Variety of switching arrangements

10 VNS2 Series Heavy Duty Potentiometer available Spring return or stayput

11 VNSB2 Series Heavy Duty DC Switching Potentiometer available Variety of switch arrangements Spring return or stayput

12 Multiplexer system up to 8 pushbuttons in UG handle
Universal handles Push buttons, dead man available in standard handles Multiplexer system up to 8 pushbuttons in UG handle

13 Potentiometers & Encoders
Potentiometers available for all Joystick controllers Encoders available for VCS0 & VNS0 in binary code, gray code and analogue

14 Pricing example VNSO - $1320 (Priced as VNSO_NV)
VNSO 2 3 F 14 NV R UG 1R 2B T PD K VNSO - $1320 (Priced as VNSO_NV) $155 (1st contact block) + $140 (Additional contact block) $155 (1st contact block) + $140 x 2 (Additional contact block) F Standard Inclusion. 14 - Standard Inclusion. NV - (Priced as VNSO_NV) R - $89 x 2 (Priced per motion i.e. x 2 for a 2 motion controller) UG - $275 1R - $45 (red button in pos 1) 2B - $45 (blue button in pos 2) 5 - $185 PD K - $590 (inc. pot mount add $89) TOTAL : - $3457 (list price - discount applicable)

15 Portable controller stations
The Spohn + Burkhardt consoles provide a variety of options for mounting their range of joystick controllers. They also provide practical and ergonomic design to allow for the ease of use. Included in the range is the breast plate type of enclosure which allows operation of the controllers without straining their back. Features Can accommodate most joysticks Accepts pushbuttons and indicators Ergonomically designed for comfort Double insulated

16 Operator chairs and consoles
Most operator consoles are not the same. Variations to the standard console design are required in most applications. The most common change to console is the type of chair that goes in it. Console top width is dependant on control equipment installed. Larger controller such as type VNSO may require the FSSMD console as seen here. Spohn & Burkhardt provide detailed drawings which we use to establish which product is best suited to the application.

17 Chair options Include head rest, arm rests, leather covering, adjustable lumbar support, crotch cut outs and seat belts. 360° manual or motorised rotation and pneumatic suspension Features and benefits Stainless steel or mild steel construction Contoured space saving design Fully adjustable chair Stainless steel console tops

18 Technical Rotating bearing up to 355˚ rotation Console tops 3 mm stainless steel Adjustable forward/back (150 mm) Inclination (12˚) Hydraulic vibration damping (100 mm stroke) and seat height (60 mm). Accepts VNSO for AC supply and NSB2 joysticks for DC supply voltage.

19 Thank you

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