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ALTC Research Project Report Research assistant: Judy Redman.

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1 ALTC Research Project Report Research assistant: Judy Redman

2  “A digitized collection of artifacts including demonstrations, resources, and accomplishments that represent an individual, group or institution. This collection can be comprised of test-based, graphic or multimedia elements archived on a website or other electronic media.” (Lorenz and Heilson, 2005)


4  To develop a learning skills profile (U Wolverhampton)  For annual/regular assessment/appraisal (U Newcastle UK, Queen Mary Hospital U London, Dundee Medical School)  To document experiences of practical training (U Edinburgh, U Wolverhampton, St Andrew’s, Barts Dental School U Newcastle) ◦ With peer feedback (U Manchester) ◦ With PDAs (U Newcastle UK, U Leeds) ◦ With GP tutors in community placements (U Cardiff) ◦ With nurses (U Salford)

5  To document skills development ◦ General (U Bradford), ◦ dealing with adverse events (U Michigan) ◦ Resuscitation (Flinders) ◦ Professional competency in blood transfusion procedure (U Nice)  To enable students to reflect on their clinical practice (Mersey Deanery, St Andrew’s)  To create student-defined units of study with contributions from staff (Oxford)

6  To enhance practice-based skills, self assessment, professionalism and communication skills (St Joseph Mercy Hospital USA)

7  This file is too big to email with the presentation for email. The presentation can be found at:  tHislop/JaneHislop-ConferenceTitles.wmv

8  et.aspx?oid=3164&type=webfolio&pageoid= 3171 (York St John University) et.aspx?oid=3164&type=webfolio&pageoid= 3171  (Queen Margaret University)  asset.aspx?oid=13597&type=webfolio&page oid=13609 (Emma Purnell sem 1) asset.aspx?oid=13597&type=webfolio&page oid=13609  asset.aspx?oid=13660&type=webfolio (Emma Purnell sem 2) asset.aspx?oid=13660&type=webfolio


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