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Lessons from WM ERDF Current Programme

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1 Lessons from WM ERDF Current Programme
Stuart Brandrick DCLG Midlands Growth Delivery Team 20XX

2 Objectives To provide feedback regarding the current ERDF Programme.
To provide an introduction to the structure of the 2014 – 2020 European Structural and Investment Funds and to provide case studies of projects supported under the West Midlands ERDF Programme which provide models which might be adapted for use in the new programme and/or lend themselves to expansion over wider geographies. To signpost you to where to find more information.

3 ERDF ERDF is a valuable economic development tool Handle with care!

4 Projects and Partnerships
‘Fewer, larger’ projects The challenge of managing larger projects and partnerships Applicant capacity and capability

5 1. Research Technological Development & Innovation
Collaborative Research International Institute for Products and Services Graduate Start Up Schemes Speed Plus Bringing new products or processes to market Innovation Networks Advantage Proof of Concept Fund The International Institute for Product and Service Innovation at WMG, University of Warwick - A unique facility focused on the needs of regional companies. Providing access to some of the world's leading product and service design technology

6 2. SME Competitiveness Support to improve the growth capacity of existing SMEs and support to start a business Coventry and Warwickshire Enterprise Business Growth Package Growing the Social Enterprise Sector in the West Midlands Enabling Access to Self Employment Including access to finance Shropshire Herefordshire Business Enterprise Fund Small Business Loans Mercia Fund Early Advantage Fund Exceed Fund The EASED project has helped more than 50 individuals develop their business ideas and now a number of them have launched their businesses and are economically active

7 3. Low Carbon Accelerating the development, innovation, adoption and deployment of low carbon technologies and related supply chains infrastructure and development of “whole place” low carbon solutions Low Carbon Vehicle Project Centre of Refurbishment Excellence AIM High £ 4.5m ERDF is helping create the Centre for Refurbishment Excellence in Stoke which will demonstrate new sustainable technologies, techniques, materials and skills used in the construction refurbishment industry

8 4. Protecting the Environment and Resource Efficiency
West Midlands Industrial Symbiosis Project Improving Your Resource Efficiency West Midlands Industrial Symbiosis Network: helping businesses identify profitable opportunities for one industry’s waste to be re-covered, re-processed, or re-used by another

9 5. Employment and Skills Support for collaborative projects, placements, internships or other activities with SMEs that enable students and graduates to gain industry relevant experience and skills and enhance the contribution of higher level skills to SME growth. Graduate Placement Services Classic Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Graduate Advantage sees nine West Midlands universities working together to promote the benefits of graduate placements to businesses and graduates alike

10 Where to go for more information
Case Study Booklets (National, West Midlands, East Midlands) Evaluations (all programmes): West Midlands Business Support Guide version 3 Solutions for Business: Local enterprise Partnership Good Practice Guide Investment Frameworks Talk to your named DCLG Local Contact

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