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Sustainable Development Timeline Period of 2008 and 2009 ANH NGOC.

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1 Sustainable Development Timeline Period of 2008 and 2009 ANH NGOC

2 2008 – Convergence of global food, fuel and financial crisis Global food prices increase by 43% in one year Growing in demand of energy in China, India and many other Subprime mortgage crisis in the US push global economy into resesscion

3 2008- Increasing urbanization For the first time, more than 50% of world’s population lives in big towns and cities By 2013 the population of towns and cities around the world will soar to 5 billion. Urban growth are expected to be concentrated in Africa and Asia. Currently, mega-cities are the hubs of population growth however in the future new growth will occur in smaller towns and cities..

4 The percentage of urbanized population by country.

5 Pace and scale of urbanisation Urban growth is mostly caused by natural increase of population and is inevitable Fertility rate is influenced by poverty, gender quality and health services. Migration is another substantial contributor to urbanisation.

6 2008 – Popularisation of green economy ideas Governments around the globe are investing more heavily into environmental programs. Low carbon economy and green growth are new priorities and objectives of nationals’ economy

7 2008 – Popularisation of internet economy ideas The increasingly critical role of the internet for economies and societies is being recognised by the OECD Minsterial organisation. Governments are starting to put more investment into developing broadband and wireless networks infrastructure South Korea is the country with highest investment into internet infrastructures

8 2008 – Acidification of the Oceans is found related with Carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere The unexpected increasing in acidic level of the Oceans Findings from an eight year research shed more light on the serious consequences of this issue for global ecosystems

9 2009 – Fire and Ice headlines The disappearance of multiyear sea ice in the Arctic Ocean Worst wildfire in Australia

10 2009 – G20 Pittsburgh Summit Meeting of G20 countries has provided guidance for sustainable and balance global economy of the 21 st century Countries leaders have called for less consumption of fossil fuel and seeks solutions for sustainable energy consumption

11 2009 – Climate negotiations in Copenhagen Parties involved have failed to reach an agreement on new policies and commitments that aim to reduce GHG emission. Many have seen this as the collapse of multilateral process among the international environmental community National and regions are now the new parties that need to put more efforts into reducing GHG emissions

12 2009 – The concept of ‘planetary boundaries’ is introduced

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