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Aircraft Manuals ATA– Air transport Association of America.

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1 Aircraft Manuals ATA– Air transport Association of America

2 Manuals ??????????

3 A.T.A. 100 This is a universally accepted system for numbering aircraft maintenance documentation. The chapter number assigned to a specific system is the same, regardless of aircraft manufacturer. For example, ATA Chapter 21 is “Air Conditioning” on Boeings, Lockheeds, Airbus, etc.

4 Revisions must be up to date

5 ATA Chapters Each “Chapter” represents a major aircraft system. Such as… 21 Air conditioning 22 Auto flight 23 Communications 24 Electrical Power 25 Equipment and Furnishings

6 Subsections 21 31 Cabin Pressure Controller
Cabin Pressure Indicator Pressure Regulation/Outflow valve 21 34 Cabin Pressure Sensor

7 Components A third number completes the ATA chapter reference, and is usually used to define a specific component in a subsystem. For example… 27 00 FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM 27 10 ROLL CONTROL AILERON The 14 denotes the specific component in the aileron control system…in this case, the aileron itself


9 Cessna and small aircraft





14 Each Section is laid out in order:
*Disassembly *Cleaning Inspection Repair Reassembly Troubleshooting



17 Parts Manuals

18 As a part number is an identifier of a part design (independent of its instantiations), a serial number is a unique identifier of a particular instantiation of that part design. In other words, a part number identifies any particular (physical) part as being made to that one unique design; a serial number, when used, identifies a particular (physical) part (one physical instance)







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