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CSI, Aviation Audit Course 1 Welcome to the Aviation Audit Course for Cabin Safety Inspectors.

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1 CSI, Aviation Audit Course 1 Welcome to the Aviation Audit Course for Cabin Safety Inspectors

2 Objectives To gain better understanding of the purpose of an audit To gain better techniques in auditing, which are in accordance with CAA standards 2 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

3 3 AUDITING The auditing process should put the relationship between the company and CAA into balance. It enforces the requirement that the company is responsible for safety. If the company manages safety properly the company will not have any problems in addressing a CAA audit. CSI, Aviation Audit Course What is an audit suppose to accomplish?. …

4 4 AUDITING…cont... The company will not hide information about incidents and its failures because the companys safety management team will accept and address the problems in the open. The company will also want to explain to CAA what went wrong and how the problem was rectified without fear. CSI, Aviation Audit Course

5 What is an audit? An audit is an in-depth review of the activities of an organization to verify conformance to CAA regulations and standards. 5 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

6 Overview of an Audit Process 6 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

7 Outputs of an Audit Audit Report CAA Internal Report 7 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

8 BASIC ACTIVITIES OF AN AUDIT: Pre-audit Physical audit Post audit Audit follow-up 8 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

9 Audit Activity Breakdown Pre-Audit Scope & Depth Team Selection Budget Documents Preps Team Meeting Audit Entry Meeting Physical Insp.. Functional Areas Findings Daily Meetings Post-Audit Company De-brief Audit Report Wrap-up Activities Follow-Up StartFinish 9 CSI, Aviation Audit Course Corrective Action Follow Up

10 Pre- Audit CSI, Aviation Audit Course

11 Pre-Audit Activities Audit planning Team assembly Pre-audit team meeting Final preparations including document review 11 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

12 Audit Planning Rule of Thumb Small days Medium days Large 15 + days 12 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

13 Scope 13 CAA defines scope as the number of areas within a company's operation that will be audited. CSI, Aviation Audit Course

14 Depth The period of time over which a companys operations will be audited, normally from the last audit until present day. It could also be thought of as the extent or the size of the audit. 14 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

15 SAMPLING RATIONALE The audit procedures manual sets out a table for sampling to 95% confidence level Confidence level of 95% is identified in the CAA guidelines. In practical terms it may not be realistic to review all aircraft in the fleet. Significant findings against one type of aircraft may require additional review against other types. You must be realistic when conducting the review and look at each audit situation independently. 15 SCIENCESCIENCE CSI, Aviation Audit Course

16 Communication Communication 1. Daily internal meetings with Team 2. External meeting with the Company 16 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

17 Prep & Documentation review Outstanding previous audits Company Manuals CCSM Cabin Crew Training Program Surveillance reports since the previous audit Cabin enroute Pre-flight reports Proving reports Recurring findings and problems Monitored Trainings 17 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

18 Audit 18 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

19 ENTRY MEETING Topics to be covered Thank You's Explain the purpose of the meeting Introduction of Team & Company Rep Discuss objective and conduct of audit Discuss scope and depth Communications between the Audit Team & the company, including Daily Meetings Introduce forms that the operator may see over the course of the audit 19 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

20 20 Steps in Conducting a Physical Inspection Review standards Obtain checklists Review and test Does it meet standard Does not Does Prepare the paper work Proceed with next task Write the audit finding(s) CSI, Aviation Audit Course

21 Checklists Use as directed Ensure that no area is overlooked Write down information Check company against CAA regulation requirements 21 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

22 Physical Inspections CSI, Aviation Audit Course 22

23 Interviewing People Why? To determine if the system documented in the approved manuals is the system in use To assess the knowledge of the operators personnel. To review their duties and responsibilities To determine if any other areas need be audited To tell people what is going on 23 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

24 Cabin Crew Manuals held by other departments and other key Management personnel Manual Amendment & Safety Bulletin distribution, Are CC reports on safety issues dealt with CC injury reports to determine safety related trends Journey logs are closed and repairs corrected Flt Time & Duty Limitations & Rest Requirements Aircraft types Cabin Crew scheduled for & operating Base Inspections 24 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

25 Equipments Exits and Doors Placards Unserviceable equipments Aircraft Inspection 25 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

26 General No of Cabin Crew & Crew briefing Apron Safety Cabin checks Flt Time & Duty Limitations & Rest Requirements Pre-flight & Inflight Inspections 26 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

27 Training Program Crew Qualifications Training Records Dangerous Goods/Hazmat Program CRM Cabin Crew Training Program 27 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

28 After Interview & Inspection Make extra notes as necessary Tell Team Leader if necessary 28 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

29 Evidence What is it? Anything which supports or shows a non-conformance. 29 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

30 Immediate Threat to Safety Inform Team Leader Immediately 30 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

31 Not an Immediate Threat to safety What do you do? 31 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

32 Post Audit 32 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

33 Audit Finding Definition "audit finding" means the determination of non-conformance of a product, process, practice or procedure or a characteristic thereof to a regulation or standard. This will be documented in the Audit Finding Form. 33 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

34 Company De-brief Exit Meeting" with the operators team should provide an overview of the audit. 34 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

35 Writing Audit Findings 35 Write the regulatory requirement in terms of chapter, section, paragraph etc. Then incorporate the phrase "Which states" Then write the correct portion of the requirement. The standard and the example(s) must match The example(s) would support more than one Audit Finding CSI, Aviation Audit Course

36 Writing Examples Ensure that the example matches the regulatory requirement Include a lead-in statement such as "The following are examples of..." where possible Write a statement of how the situation was (past tense) Make reference to supporting evidence 36 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

37 Follow Up 37 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

38 Corrective Action Plan The Operator will then write down their corrective action plan; as CAA auditors we must ensure that corrective action plans are made in such a way that they prevent re-occurrence of the same in the future 38 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

39 Audit Follow-up The CAA Inspector must continue to monitor the companys short and long term responses to the audit non conformance findings. The CAA must regulate the company maintaining constant surveillance 39 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

40 Audit Completed Thank You. 40 CSI, Aviation Audit Course

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