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Mount A Serials: A History 1984 2600 Journal & Newspaper titles 1993-1995 Budget crisis CNSLP increased electronic content by 30,000 serial titles CRKN.

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1 Mount A Serials: A History Journal & Newspaper titles Budget crisis CNSLP increased electronic content by 30,000 serial titles CRKN & CAUL continued increase of holdings to 35,000 titles Open Access Movement – Hathi Trust BUT…. Gaps in collections: APS, AIP, IEEE

2 Mount A Serials: A History 2008 – Complaints by Faculty & Students Issues getting access to content caused by our proxy server 2010 – Graduate Studies Fund Bought and subscribed to additional Science content 2012 – Morton Endowment Biology, Biochemistry, History 2013 – Continued complaints by Sciences - Still not enough access??

3 Complaints: “If it is not online I am not going to read it” “you never have the articles I need or want” “why do I always get asked for my credit card #” “more journals fewer books” “no one reads books anymore – get journals” “not enough journal access my research is being hampered” “use my friends’ account at XXX to get articles”

4 Causes: Connecting patron to article Functionality of “journal finder” Poor performance of federated search engines Date restrictions in licence agreements Not enough retrospective content Publication embargoes Poor communication between library and faculty

5 Mount A Serials: A History Spring 2013 Stacks capacity - <1%!!! AND Reference weeding project Began overlap study of serials print to electronic content Typical resources used – JSTOR, PAO, UPs Needed more…

6 Ad Hoc Committee Formed 2013 – Ad Hoc Sciences & Libraries Collection Development Committee 5 Members 2 Librarians (Technical Services - Co-Chair, Systems) 3 Faculty (Physics - Co-Chair, Math & Computer Science, & Chemistry/Biochemistry)

7 Ad Hoc Committee – TOR “To develop criteria that can be used to help inform our collection development activities and decisions relating to serially-published content … in scientific disciplines that are published or acquired in a continuing fashion.” “As a demonstration/proof-of-concept of the criteria and process developed, the Committee shall produce and deliver a list of the “top 100 serial/journal titles” in the sciences that the Committee members agree should be received on a continuing basis by the Mount Allison University Libraries.”

8 Ad Hoc Committee ISI Journal Citation Reports titles ranked highest cited by our professors titles ranked highest in which our professors were cited Sample conditions: unique last name Mount Allison University address

9 Ad Hoc Committee Results: range of journal titles used by faculty too vast for a Top 100 list (500+ titles) 60% of the faculty can find the journals they need at Mt. A Gaps in Math, Computer Science, and Astrophysics Chemistry and Biochemistry - 70% satisfied Physics - 90% satisfied

10 Ad Hoc Committee The title results list: 290 – cited ≥10 times 43 titles not in e-format Mostly embargoes and backfiles Can we get those titles? Some part of large & expensive aggregator packages Others required expensive membership costs Embargoes and Backfiles – Cost/use analysis + publication frequency Most titles cheaper to ILL

11 Ad Hoc Committee – Top 100 List Faculty survey – 2 Questions: What titles do you need for research? What titles do you need for teaching? Results – 206 Titles All unique to areas of research 13 titles not subscribed by Mt. A 26 titles – no embargo or backfile coverage

12 Elsevier Converting Advances in … High demand for Science Direct backfiles We had many titles in print Worked with Elsevier to get overlap – 500 shelves could be cleared with purchase of e-content December 2013 – Elsevier visits Signed 3 year contract for perpetual access to all backfiles Start date January 1, 2014

13 Science Direct Packages we acquired: Agricultural and Biological SciencesAgricultural and Biological Sciences;Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology; Earth and Planetary Sciences; Engineering and Technology; High Energy/Nuclear Physics and Astronomy; Materials Science; Medicine and Dentistry; Neuroscience;Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics; Physical and Analytical Chemistry; Physics General; Psychology; Social Science; and 61 individual titles. Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular BiologyEarth and Planetary SciencesEngineering and TechnologyHigh Energy/Nuclear Physics and AstronomyMaterials ScienceMedicine and DentistryNeurosciencePharmacology, Toxicology and PharmaceuticsPhysical and Analytical ChemistryPhysics GeneralPsychologySocial Science61 individual titles.

14 Now… All Serials overlap with Elsevier backfiles weeded Reference Weeding project in progress Some weeded, some moved to new location – Basement Reference, Circulating Summer 2014 – re-model Main Floor

15 Working with vendors: sugar works better than vinegar get your money’s worth ask questions never assume get them on speed dial be prepared to share the work load be pragmatic - flexible

16 Anne LePage Brian McNally

17 APLA Conference Moncton 2014 Step 1

18 APLA Conference Moncton 2014 Boxed up ready to go

19 APLA Conference Moncton 2014 Boxed for “BETTER WORLD BOOKS”

20 APLA Conference Moncton empties

21 APLA Conference Moncton 2014 Margie – made all the magic happen

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