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Coaching ??? Graduation Office University of Oklahoma.

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1 Coaching ??? Graduation Office University of Oklahoma

2 Session is about ONE thing… What can I do for YOU?

3 A little bit about me Crossroads!

4 What’s Your Motivation?

5 Coaching Tool My Life Self-Assessment

6 Kick My Butt! 7-Day Challenge

7 What are you here to do? Meaningful Work

8 Really? Let’s See…

9 Six Questions… 1.Even if you didn’t get paid a cent for it, would you still do this? 2.Would doing this inspire you every day? 3.Does doing this come as naturally to you as breathing? 4.Do you feel you’ve been given a special gift, talent, and/or strength to do this? 5.Does time seem to fly by when you’re engaged in this activity? 6.Can you possibly make money doing this?

10 What’s next? Calling Connection

11 Discussion… Thoughts?

12 Contact info Bill Johnson Student Success Coordinator, Life Coach, Instructor Office of Life Planning and Personal Development School of Health and Human Sciences University of North Carolina at Greensboro 336-207-6795 Blog: Twitter: @thedreamdean1

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