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Lake Shore Reconstruction. Lake Wisconsin Restoration.

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1 Lake Shore Reconstruction

2 Lake Wisconsin Restoration


4 Lake Wisconsin Resotoration

5 Lake Wisconsin Living Wall  This picture shows one year later with growth from living wall compliments of The Bruce Company our affiliate.

6 Lake Wisconsin Living Wall  Another view 1 year later, of living wall.

7 Castle Rock Lake Rip Rap

8 Lake Mendota Front ViewNatural Stairway

9 Friendship Lake done by Barge Rip Rap with Living Wall courtesy of Bruce Co. Close up

10 Castle Rock Lake Rip Rap View from up topView front of boat house

11 Landscapes with Natural Stone

12 Natural Stone Stairway Leading to Lake

13 Natural Stone Stairway Leading down top viewLeading down bottom view

14 Rock Landscaping Border BorderStairway

15 Rock Landscaping Border Flower BedSide View of Home

16 Paving Stone Walkway PaversSmall Retainer

17 Retaining Walls Retainer with lawn by A1 Lawn Sprinklers, LLC Retainers with lawn by A1 Lawn Sprinklers, LLC

18 Retaining Walls Retainers, with lawn by A1 Lawn Sprinklers, LLC

19 Retaining Walls Side view, planting bedView from top of planting bed

20 Total Makeover Landscape Beginning of ProjectEnd of Project

21 Landscape Makeover Yard prepped for sodComplete

22 Natural Sand Stone Sandstone WalkwaySandstone Walkway looking up

23 Rain Garden Rain Garden unplanted looking downward Rain Garden planted by Tranquil Landscapes, LLC

24 Rain Garden Rain Garden, unplanted looking upward Rain Garden, planted side view

25 Completed Makeover Sod, between home and rain garden Completed yard, with view of sloped end of rain garden

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