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1 homes

2 There are many different types of homes.

3 A bungalow

4 a bungalow There is no upstairs.
A bungalow has all the rooms on the ground floor. There is no upstairs.

5 A barge

6 a barge A barge is sometimes called a house boat.
It is a long, narrow, flat bottomed boat. Inside you will find a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

7 A detached house

8 a detached house A detached house stands on its own and is not joined to another building.

9 A mobile home

10 a mobile home A mobile home is a large caravan on a site.
It can be transported on the back of a lorry. It can be connected to electricity or gas.

11 A terraced house

12 a terraced house A terraced house is in a row of similar houses joined side by side and facing the street.

13 A trailer

14 a trailer A trailer is a home that can be moved from place to place.
It is pulled by a lorry or car.

15 A flat

16 a flat A flat is a home on one level with more flats in a block.

17 A chalet

18 a chalet A chalet is a home on one level.
Chalets are usually made of wood.

19 A maisonette A maisonette

20 a maisonette A maisonette has two floors and its own front door on ground level. It is part of a larger building. Maisonettes are often above shops.

21 A semi detached house

22 a semi detached house A semi detached house has one wall joined to the house next door.

23 Where do you live?

24 the place you live in a home?
What makes the place you live in a home?

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