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Geometry in Everyday Things

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1 Geometry in Everyday Things

2 Some common shapes You see these shapes in many places.
A square has four equal sides and four right angles. A triangle has three sides. A rectangle has four sides and four right angles. A circle has a center point and an outer circumference.

3 More shapes A hexagon has six sides. A pentagon has five sides.
An octagon has eight sides.

4 What shape do you see in this trillium flower?
Square Triangle Rectangle Mouse House Send your mouse home until the teacher calls on you.

5 What shape are most of the stones in this structure?
Rectangle Square Hexagon Mouse House

6 Draw the shape of these paving stones.
Mouse House

7 What shape does a sand dollar remind you of?
Circle Triangle Pentagon Mouse House

8 Draw the shape that you see most in this picture.
Mouse House Discuss: If you were flying above a pyramid, looking down at it, what shape would the base of the pyramid form?

9 What shape does a honeycomb cell resemble?
Triangle Pentagon Hexagon Mouse House

10 Match the picture to the shape that is most like it.
Stop sign Pentagon Circle Petunias Planet Jupiter Octagon Mouse House

11 Does a snowflake resemble a hexagon?
Snowflakes Mouse House

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