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S. VIGNAESWARAN B. Eng (MONASH, AUSTRALIA) MS C. BIS (KEELE, UNITED KINGDOM) MIE(Aust) EA NO: 3393786 Chartered Application Presentation (Brisbane EA office,

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Presentation on theme: "S. VIGNAESWARAN B. Eng (MONASH, AUSTRALIA) MS C. BIS (KEELE, UNITED KINGDOM) MIE(Aust) EA NO: 3393786 Chartered Application Presentation (Brisbane EA office,"— Presentation transcript:

1 S. VIGNAESWARAN B. Eng (MONASH, AUSTRALIA) MS C. BIS (KEELE, UNITED KINGDOM) MIE(Aust) EA NO: 3393786 Chartered Application Presentation (Brisbane EA office, 15 th November 2012, 1.00 pm) This presentation is based maximally on the Brisbane experience, and has been supplemented with Malaysian experience where it is unavoidable.


3 My electrical (electrical automation) engineering experience. Points to note:  Varied projects  International  Multi-market segment  Large scale projects  Multiple roles & scope  22 years of experience Submission reference: item A- KCompliance reference: C1.1 – C1.3 ProjectLocationCategoryDetailsRole University campusSaudi ArabiaBuilding ServicesAUD 2.2 billionConsultant Coal Seam GasIndiaOil & Gas upstreamAUD 10 million ++EPM / Designer Power plantMalaysiaUtilityAUD 700,000 ++DPM /Site Engineer Renewable / Energy auditMalaysiaUtilityAUD $20,000Design Consultant Wilson TransformerVictoria, AustraliaOEMTransformer designDesigner / Trainee ELCOMSydney, AustraliaQuasi-GovtPower station EIADesigner / Trainee Bitumen plantMalaysiaPrivate sectorAUD 100 million ++EPM / Designer 100 ++ tenders (international) MalaysiaAll segmentsUp to AUD 130 millionDesigner / Estimator Distribution SCADAMalaysiaUtility Automation$100 million ++Specialist vendor Mineral Mining plantBrisbane, AustraliaMiningAUD 100 million ++E&I Designer currentlyMalaysiaUtilityOn-goingUtility designer 5 years 1 years

4 Shared values My practices to date Ethical behavior Competent performance Innovative practices Equality of opportunity Social justices Sustainable development I have indirectly fulfilled this with my signed CV and by the comments in the ethical slides I have published 3 international and numerous career related papers and have fulfilled the CPD requirements in 1 year This will be elaborated later in the standards, conveyor design and cable sizing slides I have worked with employers from all background and under varied circumstances in Saudi, India and elsewhere, like EWB. I have supported and made a difference by undertaking work in developing and needed areas like CSG and renewable energy This will be elaborated later under the sustainability slide What I have done to maximize my chances of being a chartered engineer ….

5 The learning process is as important as the knowledge which is acquired Compliance reference: C1.1 – C1.3

6 Projects that I have been involved (in Australia) MAK – copper/molybdenum project E&I specifications Velta – Arc furnace plant electrical (green field) design Ernest Henry, Mt. Isa Magnetite plant – E&I expansion / upgrade (brown field) design Covered areas: Greenfield, Brownfield, Standards, Design and Engineering Office Practices Compliance reference: C2.1 – C2.6, C3.1 – C3.6, E1B.1 – E1B.8, E4B.1 – E4B.4

7 MAK project Three areas of concern: COMPREHENSIBLE list of applicable standards for CB, Tx, cables etc? Can the common and specific standards be referenced separately? Can I sign the specification documentation prior to being a chartered? 080-I610-0001_0Project Specification for Process Control Systems.pdf AS / NZS 3000Electrical installations AS ISO 15745Industrial Automation Systems and Integration - Open Systems Application Integration Framework AS ISO 18876Industrial Automation Systems and Integration - Integration of Industrial Data for Exchange, Access and Sharing AS 60529Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) AS 61000, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) AS 61508,Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety Related Systems AS IEC 61131, Programmable Controllers AS IEC 61511, Functional Safety - Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector 080-I610-0002_0 Project Specification for Nucleonic Instruments.pdf AS 2381 (All parts) – Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres – Selection, installation and maintenance AS 3000 Electrical installations AS 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) 080-I610-0003_2Project Specification for Control Valves.pdf AS/NZS 3000 Electrical installations AS/NZS 60079Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres AS/NZS 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code) AS/NZS 61000 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) AS/NZS 61241 Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust IEC 60534 Industrial-process control valves ISA 5.1 Instrument Symbols and Identification ISA S75.01.01 Flow Equations for Sizing Control Valves Compliance reference: C2.1, C2.4, E1B.8Specifications referring Australian standards

8 Velta arc furnace design Detail of electrical design logistics; ● reliability of source ● redundancy for S/S ● cable routing logistics ● power harmonics and dips Greenfield design Gaining confidence in the transferred knowledge is as important, if not more than the transfer of knowledge itself = technology absorption Compliance reference: C1.4

9 Xstrata Mt. Isa Magnetite plant capacity expansion project Client standards Existing design guidelines Inconsistency check Australian standards highlighted to Client Client approval Internal design process Revised guidelines Applicable standards New drawings Client approval Operations & maintenance Component failure Power failure Automation failure Contingency consideration Existing drawing Electrical (conveyor) design process Cable design process Compliance reference: C2.1 – C2.6Brownfield design

10 Electrical design software challenges ( standardize electrical design activities) Electrical cable design PowerPac Pro Software issues (slides) Sample test calculations PowerCAD design software Constraint in time and resources Costly to purchase / no vendor support No guidelines in its design usage No flexibility / traceability in its use Use demo version for initial design Use Excel spreadsheet AS 3000 guidelines Verify the output Finalize cable size calculation Format cable design presentation in Excel Submit for Client approval Field side verification Compliance reference: C3.1 – C3.6Electrical design office administration

11 PowerPac software issues - 1 An upstream breaker of 16 Amps was chosen with a specific let through energy. Cable size : 25 mm 2 Compliance reference: E4B.1 – E4B.4

12 PowerPac software issues - 2 A larger upstream breaker was chosen with its corresponding let through energy Cable size : 35 mm 2 Compliance reference: E4B.1 – E4B.4

13 PowerPac software issues - 3 A much larger breaker size with a comparatively smaller let through energy Cable size : 25 mm 2 Do we accept this on the basis that a RELIABLE 100% fast trip will be required to limit the let through energy? Why do cable short circuit calculations? Worst case = costly cable size Does the software establish the boundary of design accuracy? kV? Compliance reference: E4B.1 – E4B.4 Does this software address copper clad aluminum (CCA) cables? Does the standards address copper clad aluminum (CCA) cables?

14 CONVEYOR BELT PULL WIRE SWITCH DESIGN This active logic circuit carries continuous current at 110V ac which is energy inefficient. The contacts can weld under continuous current at 110V ac The pullwire logic can be implemented by ‘negative logic’ circuits as in the Oil & Gas field. Compliance reference: E4B.1 – E4B.4 Pullwire

15 Australian standards This compliance flowchart refers to electronic switches while the prior one refers to electro-mechanical switches. Standards referenced determine application or visa versa? Need to search compliance at Clause level to introduce cross segment good practices. Compliance reference: E4B.1 – E4B.4 Do we introduce SIL and redundancy of power supply?

16 Sustainability Non-sustainability Using a cable one size larger to cater for future loads Placing plant equipment and building with a contiguous future growth space Using electrical design software with systematic design approaches Considering environmental issues and co-ordinating with the other disciplines for a holistic design approach Energy saving approaches as in the conveyor design issues Sizing the cable exactly for the current load capacity Placing plant equipment randomly and/or with no usable space Doing design calculations on paper without traceability and/or verifiability. Consider only E&I issues and set design responsibility battery limits Accept current practices and not consider possible improvements or enhancements Sustainability - The need to fulfill current needs without adversely impacting future options or needs. To have the same privileges or close to the same benefits in the future as a result of our present actionCompliance reference: E1B.1 – E1B.4

17 Engineering ethics This can be summarized into 2 key words;  Judgment Judgment is making an informed decision as what is contextually right and wrong. (why)  Transparency Transparency involves disclosure of the whole issue over the period in concern, to all the stakeholders. Stakeholders involves all those affect by the issue now and in the future. Disclosure involves discretion (or it is whistle blowing) Ethically wrong but legally right circumstances in engineering practices … Charging Client for research work while doing Client’s project Not highlighting possible operational and maintenance impact of design decisions Not requesting for additional resources to carry out a comprehensive plant design Not finding international jobs when the local jobs are limited or to gain exposure Not changing specialization or moving out of comfort zone when the circumstances require to do so. Compliance reference: C3.1 – C3.6 “ The world needs more smart, intelligent and tech savvy engineers and less of cunning, devious and legally savvy practitioners ”

18 Chartered Application Presentation (Brisbane EA office, 15 th November 2012, 1.00 pm) The End

19 Activities Outcomes I have been a professional in my field My EA submission is based on 1 year in Australia I had limited opportunities to fully comply I have adopted continuous learning process I am sharing my knowledge with my peers I need to share my knowledge with my juniors in a recognized manner I need to legally contribute to the Australian engineering arena I intend to work and live in Australia permanently I have had no adversities throughout my career The focus was on my Australian experience only A full project life cycle was not possible due to current global economic circumstances Learning flow chart highlighted in the slides EA project management presentation and international papers presented I have 22 years of validated international engineering experiences to share CPEng is required to practice in QLD and a valued asset elsewhere in Australia CPEng is a necessary recognition to provide designer services, increase job and career opportunities Why I Should be a Chartered Engineer Completed CPD and Stage I requirementsCurrently working in Malaysia as an Electrical Utility Designer

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