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Generations at Work: Skills You Need to Lead in a Multi-Generational Workplace 2009 Mentoring Children of Prisoners National Conference April 7-9, 2010.

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1 Generations at Work: Skills You Need to Lead in a Multi-Generational Workplace 2009 Mentoring Children of Prisoners National Conference April 7-9, 2010 New Orleans, Louisiana Donna Billings, Professional Certified Coach Program Director, Duquesne University Professional Coach Certification Program Susan Merrie English, Ed.D, Professional Certified Coach Fully Alive Leadership and Life Coaching

2 Our Leadership Stake for you today: Share our passion for Leadership & Coaching Across Generations Facilitate lots of discussion No one gets to be wrong – or – Everyone is partially right Every voice is critical Have fun--and learn, too --Donna Billings

3 Outcome for Today Explore the dynamics of four distinct generations Discuss the leadership challenges and strategies for recruiting, motivating, and retaining a multigenerational workforce Multigenerational case study Resources for developing an action plan in your workplace

4 A Generation is Part of an era rather than a birth date Doing things as no other generation would

5 Each Generation is Shaped By… World events Family life A unique set of Values Work style Employment traits Motivation traits Financial style Benefits desired The generation before them

6 What Does Each Generation Look Like? Role Models World Events Technology Communication Career Challenges & work ethic Strengths Weaknesses Unique Values Cultural Memorabilia – ( Cartoon, Jingle or Commercial )

7 Duty before pleasure Stable and loyal Dedication and sacrifice Respect authority Experience! Male-dominated work force Conformist Difficulty with change Techno-dinosaurs Proper channels Mickey Mouse Bread lines, Great Depression WWII 75 million across two generations Traditionalists: We value their wisdom

8 Work-centric Self-centered Political Not budget-minded Disillusioned Peace Sign Youthful identity Team players Competitive Still learning! Optimistic 80 million Baby Boomers: 1946 – 1964 I have new work needs.

9 Generation X: 1965 – 1980 How can we hold onto them? Entrepreneurial Self-reliant latch-key kids Pragmatic Work-Life Balance Adaptable, comfortable w/ change Cynical and skeptical Impatient Poor people skills My way Less loyal Family centric 46 Million

10 Generation Y: 1980 – 1994 They learn differently Self-absorbed Short attention span Im entitled Inexperienced Connected 24/7 Global, civic & community minded Techno-savvy Non-conformist Enjoying life > work Multi-taskers Sponges for learning Empowered Diversity Blind 76 Million

11 Cuspers: Three Groups the Fifth Generation Traditionists/Boomers ( ) Boomer/GenX ( ) Gen X/Millennial ( ) Why they are important: Naturals at mediating, translating & mentoring Make the best managers because they cross generations Provide a voice for those not heard Share a common history

12 Aging Demographics Baby boomers (in 2006 they ranged in age from ) currently represent 1/2 of the U. S. workforce By 2015 all baby boomers will be years old # of workers age 55+ is growing 4X faster than the workforce as a whole Baby boomers = 50% of all managers & 45% of all professionals (doctors, accountants, lawyers)

13 Trends: The largest workplace demographic shift in history of work… 50% of population will be at retirement age within the next 5 years By 2010 – 31% drop in year olds 80% of new businesses started since 2000 owned by Gen-X-ers Interesting work is top priority for 62.5% under 30

14 The Challenges: Retain talent to grow your organizations Develop new generation of leaders Transfer intellectual knowledge Create environment to foster innovation Accommodate multiple views and styles as well as multi-generational employees learning styles Million

15 Workplace of the Future Flexibility is the compelling business strategy 8%> Women in leadership roles vs. 5%> in men Work environment focuses on results – not time spent in offices Base pay and customized career paths are top priorities for New Millennial

16 Workplace of the Future (cont.) Success defined by getting what matters to YOU personally – not by rank or seniority A world of short-term independent contractors and consultants Job sharing at very senior levels – i.e., CFO job sharing Communication cross-generationally & cross culturally means packaging messages so every hearer understands All groups complement and mentor each other

17 Workforce Strategies Create both function- and project-oriented assignments Acknowledge strengths and commonalities of each generation & culture Listen to each others viewpoints & ideas Look beyond appearances Keep an open mind. Its a MUST! Communicate and collaborate: the keys to intergenerational understanding Test your assumptions

18 Recruiting in the 21st Century First, Ban these words from your hiring criteria and from your mindset: Youre Too Young AND Youre Too Old

19 Instead, Ask… Can they do the work that needs to be done? Do they know…or can they learn the skills necessary to become up-to-date knowledge workers? Are they willing to leverage their talents and expertise in collaborative efforts?

20 Strategies for Recruiting & Engaging Talent - Ensure your recruiting strategies are directed at and relevant for up to four generational segments Be clear about how new and current employees at all levels & generations can move within your workplace. Examine the frequency and quality of recognition, respect and appreciation for all employees -- this is key. What are your strategies for this Gen-Mix Workplace?

21 Matures vs Millenials Matures want New Careers Balance between work and pleasure To Leave a legacy To be recognized for their knowledge Millennials want Challenging & meaningful goals and work Collaboration & coaching To reach personal & professional goals NOW

22 New--Cyclic Lifeplans Re-Inventing Retirement EducationWorkLeisureDeath Old--Linear Lifeplans

23 © 1995 HOPE UNLIMITED LLC WITH PERMISSION OF GKA INC What are your Cross-Generational Leadership Challenges?

24 Discuss at your Tables 1.Which generation is most and which is least dominant in your workplace? 2.How does this create problems or opportunities for your management? 3.How do you currently bring the generations together at your work? 4.What are your strategies for this Gen- Mix Workplace?

25 Are you a Mentor or a Coach? Mentoring is about the relationship A mentor could be someone within or outside your organization, a friend, someone who doesnt even know s/he is a mentor. Coaching is about the process of reaching organizational goals A Coach is a person who serves as your personal champion and holds you accountable for results related to your goals

26 Critical Multigenerational Communication/Coaching Skills Tools of the Trade Listening and Curiosity Asking Powerful Questions Positive & Constructive Feedback Acknowledgment Celebration

27 Listening and Curiosity Listen for More than words Concerns, fears Accomplishments Needs, values Motivation Barriers to progress Conflicts Be curious

28 The Power of Powerful Questions WHAT… WHEN… WHERE HOW… WHO… WHY

29 Sample Questions Ask your Team at a staff meeting: 1.Where are we going? 2.Where are YOU going? 3.What is going well? 4.What are key suggestions for improvement? 5.How can I help? 6.What suggestions do you have for me? --Marshall Goldsmith Helping Executives Become Better Coaches

30 Acknowledging

31 Cross-Generational Leadership Case Study Lets put it all together Use this time as practice for a just-in- time discussion you need to have with your department team.

32 In Summary10 Leadership Principles All generations have similar values; they express them differently. Everyone wants respect; they do not define it the same way. Trust matters. People want leaders who are credible and trustworthy. Organizational politics is a problem - no matter how old or young you are.

33 10 Principles (cont) No one really likes change. Loyalty depends on the context, not on the generation. It is as easy to retain a young person as an older one - if you do the right things. Show how their work contributes to the bottom line Everyone wants to learn - more than just about anything else. Almost everyone wants a coach - for younger generations, it is most important that their leaders serve as good coaches.

34 How to Become an Expert Gen Mix Manager Three Core Competencies Needed FOCUS--Its All About the Work COMMUNICATION Just in Time, All the Time CUSTOMIZE CUSTOMIZE CUSTOMIZE --Taken from Managing the Generation Mix Key Generational Leadership Skill: Coaching

35 Your Homework… I/WE Blue Green Ask only Powerful Questions As you practice this week, notice the impact of each exercise on your staff, peers, your clients, significant other, etc etc.

36 What are you taking away?

37 Set Your Agenda Aside Listen, Listen, Listen!!! Promote Discovery Rather Than Provide Solutions Encourage Others To Grow!

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