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The Length of a Straight Line Path Between Two Points is the.. a. Speed b. Area c. Distance d. Volume.

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1 The Length of a Straight Line Path Between Two Points is the.. a. Speed b. Area c. Distance d. Volume

2 Which of the Measurements Shown Below are Distance? a. 32 ft b. 68 km/hr c. 12 cm/s d. 68 s

3 Which of the Following Are Speeds(Choose one)? a. How fast a car moves b. Length of a Race Track c. Path of an Elevator d. Rate a Person Slides Down a Rope

4 A Rocks Mass Is A a. Chemical Property b. Physical Property c. Constant Property d. All of the Above

5 Because speed is a Measure of Distance Traveled Per Unit Time, Units for Speed are.. a. M/s b. Cm/h c. Mi/h d. Ft/min e. M/h f. All of the Above

6 Which of the Following Describe Both Speed and Direction(Choose one)? a. 65 m/s for and Hour b. 35 mi/h North c. 9.8 m/s Down d cm to the Right e km/h up f. 4.1 m/s to the East

7 Which of the Following is Harder to Stop? a. A baseball traveling at 60 mi/hr b. A car rolling at 5 mi/hr

8 Motion Chapter 10

9 Objectives Explain the relationship between motion and a frame of reference. Relate speed to distance and time. Distinguish between speed and velocity. Solve problems related to time, distance, displacement, speed, and velocity.

10 Motion Motion (Quick Time Movie) = Objects change in position relative to a reference point Motion Displacement = Change in the position of an object –Distance measures the path taken. Displacement is the change of an objects position. Displacement must always indicate direction. Quick Time Movie Relative Motion

11 Distance Vs. Displacement

12 Velocity Objectives Describe the concept of acceleration as a change in velocity. Explain why circular motion is continuous acceleration even when the speed does not change. Calculate acceleration as the rate at which velocity changes. Graph acceleration on a velocity-time graph.

13 Speed and Velocity Whats the difference between speed and velocity? –Speed = How fast an object moves –Velocity = Speed in a given direction Speed Speed = Distance Traveled Time to Travel the Distance SI Unit for Speed = m/s Constant Speed = Equal distance in Equal amounts of Time Speed Quick Time Movie

14 Speed = distance/time » (v = d/t) »Quick time movie VelocityQuick time movie Velocity –When Solving for Full Credit Given Info Write Equation Substitute Given Info Solve for Unknown Write Answer with Proper Units Always use correct Sig Figs and Scientific Notation!!

15 Speed and Velocity Speed can be studied with Graphs and Equations Distance Time Graph –Slope = Speed

16 A car traveled 3.5 E 2 miles toward New York City for 5 hours. What was the velocity of the car?

17 A car traveled 3.5 E 1 miles/hour for 4 hours toward Chicago. How far did the car travel?

18 A plane travels E 3 miles toward Colorado at a velocity of 5.50 E 2 miles/hour. How long has the plane been traveling?

19 Constant Speed –objects covering equal distances in equal amounts of time Instantaneous speed is the speed at a given point in time. What units do you measure speed in? –mi/hr = English –m/s = SI Unit –km/hr = Metric Unit

20 A car travels 4.0 E 1 km in 2 hours towards Nevada. What is the cars Velocity? a. 20 m/hr b. 20 km/hr c. 20 mi/hr South d. 20 km/hr towards Nevada :20 Answer Now

21 Scooter is driving down 9 th Street in his 1962 Corvette. He drives 1.2 E 2 meters in 1.7 E 1 seconds. Assuming that he does not speed up or slow down, what is his speed in meters per second? a. 6 m/s down 9 th st b. 7 m/s down 9 th st c. 1.4 E -1 m/s d. 7 m/s 35 Answer Now

22 Liesel Kunz is running along a track that is 2.51 E 2 meters long. It takes her 1.26 E 1 seconds to run the entire length of the track. What is her speed in meters per second? a E 1 mi/s b E 1 m/s c. 5 E -2 m/s along the track d. 5 E -2 m/s Answer Now

23 What changes with a change in direction: Velocity or Speed? 1. Velocity 2. Speed Answer Now

24 Can Speed Be Graphed? 1. Yes 2. No Answer Now

25 Speed can be graphed! –Distance-time graph. Slope of the line = Average Speed –Quick Time Movie Average SpeedQuick Time Movie Average Speed –What is the average speed of the racecar?

26 Constant Velocity: Moving Towards Frame of Reference

27 Constant Velocity: Moving Away Frame of Reference

28 Whats the only Difference?

29 Distance Time Graph


31 Velocity Combine velocities to determine the resultant velocity.


33 Example Problem A motor boat traveling 4 m/s, East encounters a current traveling 3.0 m/s, North. a.What is the resultant velocity of the motor boat? b.If the width of the river is 80 meters wide, then how much time does it take the boat to travel shore to shore? c.What distance downstream does the boat reach the opposite shore?

34 Conversions are Needed: –English to Metric Speeds Dimensional Analysis –SI Unit to Metric Speeds Metric Conversion In order to convert you need to use conversion factors and D.A 1 mile = km = 1609 m 1 ft = 12 in = cm = m 1 yd = 3 ft = m 1 in = 2.54 cm = m 1 hr = 60 min = 3600 s

35 Convert the following English Standard Units to Metric Units. –A football field is 100 yards long. How long is that in meters?

36 If I were to hit a home run down the left side of Jacobs Field the ball would have to travel at least 3.25 E 2 feet. How far is that in Meters?

37 A horse can gallop at a speed of 4.2 E 1 miles/hour. How fast can the horse gallop in meters/second?

38 A race car can travel around 2.25 E 2 mi/hr. How many meters can it travel in 1.5 E 1 s?

39 A person can walk about 3.1 mi/hr How many hours would it take them to travel 10 km?

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