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Target User Profile Your Name Your Project Title Name:

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1 Target User Profile Your Name Your Project Title Name:
Age or age range: Sex: Likes: Dislikes: Hobbies and Interests: Style: Income: Shops mostly at: Favorite Websites: Likes to visit: Disabilities: Complete the Target User Profile by adding as much detail as possible about the intended user. Give details of any specific requirements that the target user might have or want? You must insert a picture of your target user and some pictures to represent their lifestyle If you cannot get a photograph of the real target user then find an image of someone who is similar in age , style, sex etc Your Name Your Project Title

2 Music He likes most genres of music and he has lot of CDs. He would like a place to store his favourite CDs in their cases. Design He likes to be modern, he has lot of technology. He enjoys looking at arty designs. He owns some of Philippe stark's products and like his designs. Client profile Other info He would like it to be different to most of the storage on the market. He would it to have a draw he can put random things that clutter up his apartment in as he is very untidy. He likes items that are have an expensive look. He likes a gravity defying bookcase made by malangana design. Hobbies and interests He enjoys bmx-ing, football, skateboarding, looking at art, listening to music, reading magazines, playing pool, snooker and darts. Finance He has a well paid job but he doesn’t want to spend to much so he will go for quality of product over helping the environment. Technology He owns lots of gadgets, these have lots of chargers and cables that get tangled up. But he already has a place to store theses ,this does show that he is modern. 20 year old man How he spends his time When he is not doing his hobbies he likes to spend his time reading magazines and listening to CDs Friends He likes to show off new things to his friends. He has a wide range of friends and he likes to have them round his house.

3 You will need to find details about the product and an image.
Research – Product Analysis User and Target Market Who is the product designed for? Why is it aimed at this age group? What makes it appeal to the target market? Manufacture How has the product been made? What construction methods have been used? One-off, batch or mass produced? You will need to analyse a product that is similar to the product that you intend to make. You will need to find details about the product and an image. Materials What materials is the product made from? Why have these materials been used? What are the properties of the materials? Function What does the product do? Does it work well? Does it have any special features? How does the product work? Aesthetics/Style Is the product designed in a particular style? Does it look attractive and appealing? How do you feel about the product? Cost What is the selling price of the product? Why is it this price? Does the quality of the product influence the price? Environmental Concerns Does making or using this product harm the environment in any way? Does it use any recycled materials? Ergonomics Has the product been well designed to suit the user? Is it easy to use, adjust or operate? Is it comfortable to use?

4 EXAMPLE Research – Mood Board Your Name Your Project Title
As part of your research you will need to create a ‘Mood Board’. A mood board is a selection of images that relate directly to your project. A mood board can provide inspiration for design ideas. Pack the page full of images related to your project! EXAMPLE Your Name Your Project Title

5 Mood Board Laura Jewitt Elegant Floral Traditional
Introduction: my mood board will allow me to get a clear idea of what my client likes. It will act as visual inspiration for my designs. From my brief I have to make a small storage device with an influence from the last 100 years. This mood board will allow me to see exactly how I can relate my clients likes and dislikes to fulfilling the brief. Summary: From these pictures, I can see my client likes quite elegant things. She’s into floral, quite traditional designs. I have selected the designs and items I like the most that I feel I should incorporate some aspects into my design. I feel the embellish around the mirrors makes it look more interesting. I also think the shape of the products is elegant and refers contains art nouveau inspiration which is my clients favourite design era. I think I may base my products shape on these. Traditional Laura Jewitt

6 Emily Waters GCSE Resistant Materials Technology
Introduction: I am carrying out an analysis of existing products. This will give me information to help me decide what features I want to include in my bird nest box and how much it should cost. I may also find out information to help me decide what finish my product should have, how big and how heavy it should be. 14cm x 15cm x 31cm, Wood and stainless steel £49.99 For small birds such as blue tits Must be kept out of sun as it will become very hot 26cm x 20cm x 16cm Soft wood £19.00 Roof overhangs to keep rain out 0.80 kg For small British birds (hole 32mm) 26cm x 16cm x 17cm Plywood £16.34 Corner drainage holes in floor 0.80kg Non-toxic preservative finish Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Marsh Tit The drainage holes in this nest box allow any water that does get inside to drain away helping to keep it dry. I will put drainage holes in my nest box. This product is made from plywood and so this is a possible material for my nest box. I think that the problem of possible overheating in this design means that metals are not suitable materials for a bird box. My mood board showed that wood was more likely to be a suitable material aesthetically. I think the roof overhang is a good idea as it helps to keep the inside of the box dry. I will use this idea in my design. This box is made of softwood and so this is a possible material for my nest box. 52cm x 21cm x 19cm Plywood £29.36 Corner drainage holes 3kg Non-toxic water based preservative Woodpeckers, little owls, starlings, pigeons, jackdaws, thrushes,  and kestrels. Product Analysis Emily Waters GCSE Resistant Materials Technology 51cm x 16cm x 18cm Plywood £20.42 Drainage holes in floor 1kg Non-toxic water repellent finish Starlings and woodpeckers 74cm x 59cm x 50cm Plywood £86.81 Sturdy front platform for owlets to exercise on. 6.20kg Non-toxic water repellent finish Barn owls Product Analysis This page should be looking at existing products that both fulfil your brief and your clients desires. You should individually analyse each product talking about why you think that product could be successful. By completing this page – it should be clear to you and the examiner what route you wish to take, the products that you want to construct and why. This page could be completed from finding products / images from the internet – but is a lot more successful if the images are of products that you have handled and photographed yourself. You must first tell the examiner where you found the object. Describe each product individually talking about specially features such as materials and joints etc. Write about choice of material, cost and how the product meets your clients taste. What features of each product could or will influence your ideas. Discuss how you could incorporate some of the features to meet your clients’ needs. Source reference and include information within your bibliography. The non-toxic finish makes the box safe for the birds which may peck at the wood. I will ensure the finish that I use is non toxic. The finish is also water repellent and by using a similar one this would be another way I could ensure the inside stays dry. As this box is made for larger birds it is larger than the previous ones. My clients have asked for a small box and so one this size would not be appropriate for my design. Hinged lid for easy cleaning is useful feature. This box is larger still and much more expensive. The size and price would not fit with my clients requirements. The front platform is an interesting idea that I may use in my design. Summary: From this research I have found out that metal is not a suitable material to use for my bird nest box as it overheats. Existing products are made of softwood or plywood and so either of these could be suitable for my product. Existing products have drainage holes, an over-hanging roof and are finished with a non-toxic water resistant preservative finish to keep them dry. I will use these in my design. I have found that existing bird boxes are different sizes and weights for different sized birds. To meet my clients’ requirements of a small box that is not too expensive, I will make one for small birds. Some boxes have a place outside for the birds to stand and some hinged lids for easy cleaning. I may have similar features in my design.

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