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1 TPJ Fund Raising Presentation
November 2010 A Growing Gold Portfolio in South East Asia

2 Disclaimer This presentation is being supplied to you by Triple Plate Junction plc (‘the Company’ or ‘TPJ’) solely for your information and may not be reproduced or redistributed in whole or in part. This document has not been approved by a person authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (‘FSMA’) for the purposes of section 21 FSMA. This presentation does not constitute, or form part of, a prospectus relating to the Company nor does it constitute or contain any invitation or offer to any person to underwrite, subscribe for, otherwise acquire, or dispose of any shares in the Company or to advise persons to do so in any jurisdiction, nor shall it form the basis of or be relied upon in connection with any contract or commitment whatsoever. Recipients of this presentation who are considering a purchase of shares in the Company are reminded that any such purchase must be made solely on the basis of information that the Company has released into the public domain. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the facts stated in this presentation are accurate and that any forecasts, opinions and expectations contained in this presentation are fair and reasonable, the information contained in this document has not been independently verified and accordingly no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy, fairness or completeness of the information or opinions contained in this presentation. None of the Company, its shareholders or any of their respective advisers, parents or subsidiaries nor any of their respective directors, officers, employees or agents (including those of their parents or subsidiaries) accepts any liability or responsibility for any loss howsoever arising, directly or indirectly, from any use of this presentation or its contents. This presentation does not constitute a recommendation regarding the shares of the Company. Recipients of this presentation should conduct their own investigation, evaluation and analysis of the business, data and property described therein. If you are in any doubt about the information contained in this presentation, you should contact a person authorised by the Financial Services Authority who specialises in advising on securities of the kind described in this presentation. Certain statements within this presentation constitute forward looking statements. Such forward looking statements involve risks and other factors which may affect the actual results, achievements or performance expressed or implied by such forward looking statements. Such risks and other factors include, but are not limited to, general economic and business conditions, changes in government regulations, currency fluctuations, the gold price, the Company’s ability to recover its resources/reserves or develop new resources/reserves, competition, changes in development plans and other risks. Some statements may constitute the opinions of the Company’s directors. There can be no assurance that the results and events contemplated by the forward looking statements contained in this presentation will, in fact, occur. These forward looking statements are correct or represent honestly held views only as at the date of delivery of this presentation. The Company will not accept any obligation to release publicly any revisions to these forward looking statements to reflect events, circumstances and unanticipated events occurring after the date of this presentation except as required by law or by regulatory authority. By accepting this presentation, you agree to be bound by the above provisions and limitations and to keep permanently confidential the information contained in this presentation or made available in connection with further enquiries to the extent such information is not made publicly available (other than through a breach by you of this provision).

3 Board & management: Strong Track Record
Bill Howell (Interim CEO, Executive) More than 40 years experience in all aspects of exploration and mineral project evaluation. Senior management positions within BHP, Normandy Mining and its successor Newmont Mining Corporation. Managed and led teams to a number of discoveries including the recent major (+6 million ounce) gold discovery at Martabe (Indonesia). FAusIMM. Tony Shearer (Chairman, Non Executive) Former CEO of Singer & Friedlander Group plc and chairman of Uruguay Minerals (now Orosur). Previous board positions include Old Mutual, M & G Group. Currently director of several AIM listed companies. Chartered accountant. Patrick Gorman (Non Executive) Mining engineer with 35 years of managerial, technical and project experience. Feasibility experience includes Escondida (Chile), Due diligence reviews, technical studies, appraisals on >100 mineral projects across 5 continents including Lihir (PNG) and all Randgold Mines. Experienced competent person and advisor to governments, financial institutions and companies. Chris Goss (Non Executive) Retired in May after leading IFC’s business development in mining & oil and gas from London. Structured equity investments in junior exploration companies, structured project finance and managed relationships with majors (including Anglo American, Rio Tinto and Lonmin). Prior to IFC, Chris advised governments in natural resource negotiations. MA Development Economics (Sussex) and BA Economics (Cambridge). Terry Cross (CFO, Executive) Extensive finance experience at senior management and board level in both small and “blue chip” companies in both the UK and South Africa including AIM listed Alexander Mining plc and Chaarat Gold. MBA (University of Witswaterand), Advanced Financial Management Diploma (Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators) and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of South Africa, Pretoria.

4 Triple Plate Junction plc
Triple Plate Junction (“TPJ”) is a London listed gold explorer focused on highly prospective gold belts in Papua New Guinea and in South East Asia. With a new team, TPJ is restoring value and growing its exciting pipeline of projects. It has joint ventures with some of the world’s largest gold companies.

5 Triple Plate Junction Plc
Introduction Triple Plate Junction Plc Listed on AIM; focused on gold & copper exploration in PNG and Vietnam Respected partners funding exploration: Newmont, Newcrest (HoA), Barrick, Gold Anomaly Newly appointed board driving a turnaround >$25M spent by TPJ and JV partners on exploration to date in PNG Strategic options for continued exploration opportunities under review Currently Seeking to raise up to £2.5M required in 2010/2011 in order to advance JVs, examine new exploration opportunities in PNG, Vietnam & other SE Asia countries, and corporate overheads

6 Share capital Summary Shareholder review Share Capital Evolution
Shareholder review Shares on issue 168,769,912 Shareholder  % Convertible loan note shares & warrants 46,000,000 Newmont Ventures Ltd 10.07% 7p 17,000,000 RAB Special Situations 0.00% Options Vietnam Investments 6.22% (£ £0.395)   12,923,333 Melanesian Resources Limited Performance shares 11,900,000 AsterionAV Ltd 6.17% Fully diluted 256,593,245 Thornaby Ltd 0.0% Share Capital Evolution 5 year Price Chart (AIM:TPJ) Date Amount £ Price £ Jan-04 (IPO) 4,200,000 0.30 Apr-05 11,700,000 0.35 Dec-07 2,211,429 0.185 Jul-08 2,000,000 0.055 Dec-08 850,000 0.05 New board & strategy

7 Share after current work programme %
JV Status & ownership Partner Tenements Current Share % Share after current work programme % Newmont Morobe 49.00% 30.00% Barrick Wamum 11.70% Newcrest HoA Manus Island 75.90% 15.20% Gold Anomaly Crater Mountain +/- 35% 15/20% Vietnamese central and provincial authorities Vietnam –Pu Sam Cap 70%

8 Projects in Papua New Guinea (‘PNG’)

9 The Wafi Trend – Relationship to Newmont and Barrick JVs, PNG

10 PNG: Newmont/ TPJ Morobe JV
Licence area: 3,761km2 granted and applied for exploration tenements; highly prospective geology within major district:- Wafi/Golpu (30 Moz and 8 Mt Cu target), Hidden Valley (5.8 Moz) Status: 19 months activity since JV signed Dec 2008 and fieldwork commenced April 2009 Work completed: 90% of JV area covered by regional BLEG sampling; interpretation of new EU-funded airborne magnetics/radiometrics; 100m line spacing helimag survey over Hide’s Creek and Otibanda; geological mapping, trenching; rockchip and soil sampling Expenditure to date: Newmont Phase I expenditure of $US6M to August 2010 has earned 51% Discoveries: • Existing (TPJ) Otibanda project, bonanza gold grades • Hides Creek – potential porphyry copper-gold (4km x 1km footprint) • Gumots – potential porphyry gold-copper target • 5 other priority targets Next steps: Newmont has elected to proceed to Phase 2 and will earn 70% by spending an additional $US9M before 23/12/2014 or by delivering a Class III DFS, whichever is earlier Next steps: drilling at Hides Creek in 2011 and perhaps other targets, geophysics, regional sampling

11 PNG: Newmont/TPJ Morobe JV

12 PNG: Newmont/TPJ Morobe JV - Otibanda
Previous scout drilling by TPJ includes best intercepts: Otibanda Lode OTI g/t Au from m Waikanda Lode OTI g/t Au from m OTI g/t Au from m OTI g/t Au from m Previous channel and chip sampling by TPJ includes best intervals: Munga Breccia (Otibanda Lode) g/t Au g/t Au

13 PNG: Newmont/TPJ Morobe JV – Hides Creek
Large (4km x 1km) geochemical footprint Mapping shows alteration, veining and geology which are characteristic of a porphyry system Up to 3.9 g/t Au (inc g/t Au) from trenching Rock chips to 8 g/t Au, 2% Cu Diamond drilling planned for early 2011 Numerous additional nearby targets to follow up

14 ACA Howe: Newmont/TPJ Morobe JV
Morobe area was one of the first areas in PNG to be mined for gold, with historical alluvial workings at Bulolo (2.8Moz Au) and hard rock mining at Wau and Edie Ck. In modern times Hidden Valley deposit (resources of 5.8 Moz Au) and Wafi-Golpu (resources of 30 Moz Au and 8 Mt Cu target) discovered on ground adjacent to the TPJ concessions Work by TPJ identified 3 main (gold-bearing) lodes which were each trenched over a 4-5 km strike length; continuous mineralisation has been partially delineated along a strike length of nearly 500m, averaging 17.5 g/t Au across 1.5m width on the Otibanda Lode Work (90% completed) by Newmont includes helicopter-supported reconnaissance BLEG (Bulk Leach Extractable Gold) sampling over the entire JV property, with 3,000m of diamond drilling planned for 2011 initially at Hides Creek; geological mapping, soil geochemistry, helicopter magnetic survey and IP surveys in 2011 to generate drill targets in at least four other identified targets ACA Howe considers that the (Newmont) programme is well conceived and has a good chance of success in view of the neighbouring deposits at Wafi- Golpu and Hidden Valley and the low level of historical exploration over much of the ground

15 PNG: Gold Anomaly/ TPJ JV
Licence area: 306km2, Crater Mountain, PNG Status: 32 months activity since JV signed September Field operations commenced in February 2008 Work completed: Bench & channel sampling, geological mapping, bulldozer track access Expenditure required: GOA issued shares valued at A$1M and carrying out specific work (including drilling) within a specified time period at an estimated cost of A$0.6M in stage 1 and A$0.9M in stage 2 in order to earn a 70% interest Discoveries: New area of gold mineralisation identified at Nevera including a bench sampling result of 70 m of 3.9 g/t Au (including 5 m at 41 g/t Au) Next steps: TPJ to review and assess GOA’s expenditures & work completed to date; drilling & benching required in 2011 to determine if there is an initial resource.

16 PNG: Gold Anomaly/ TPJ JV
Historical work at Crater Mountain by TPJ and previous operators includes best surface trenching of: g/t Au g/t Au (inc g/t Au) g/t Au g/t Au g/t Au Historical drilling includes intercepts of: g/t Au from m EOH (NEV-002) g/t Au from m EOH including 6.55 g/t Au from m (NEV-005) g/t Au from m including 2.76 g/t Au from m (NEV-008)

17 ACA Howe: Gold Anomaly/TPJ Crater Mountain JV
BHP had previously drilled 3 holes totalling 986m, the best result being 115m at 1.83 g/t Au, terminating in good mineralisation. Macmin drilled 4 holes with a best intersection of 24m grading 6.55 g/t Au TPJ identified four highly prospective areas of mineralization in the Nevera prospect area within a north-east trending area some 3.5km long and 1.5km wide. Follow up mapping and sampling in the Nevera area identified gold mineralization with elevated Pb-Zn-Ag levels in all prospect areas TPJ drilling produced highly significant assays from all holes, including 58m grading 1.89 g/t Au. However interpretation of the mineralization has remained a problem because it is masked by a thick blanket of volcanic deposits Gold Anomaly brought a bulldozer to site to conduct mechanised benching. Best initial assay results indicate 70m at 3.91 g/t Au, including a 5m sample at 41.2 g/t Au Gold Anomaly plans to commence drilling to 50m depth to assess shallow open cut gold potential and to test for larger deep gold targets ACA Howe recommends that TPJ should maintain its position on this project

18 PNG: Newcrest/ TPJ HoA Licence area: 674km2 in Manus Island, PNG
Status: HoA signed on 31 March 2010; JVA being prepared Terms: A$6M over 5 years including $1M in the first 2 years to earn 80% of TPJ’s interest in the licences resulting in Newcrest owning 60.78% and TPJ with 15.2%. In 2010/2011, initial budget may be A$2M for helicopter-borne magnetics survey over licence areas, with drilling planned at the Kisi prospect Previous work: (TPJ): geophysics, drilling totalling 402m at Kisi prospect - trenching at Kisi prospect includes best intercept of 20 g/t Au (inc. 303 g/t Au) - potential geological resource at Arie of 0.32% Cu, 0.1 g/t Au Expenditure to date: TPJ estimates it has spent A$2.5M Next steps: Finalise & sign JV, Newcrest to establish & initiate work programme

19 PNG: Newcrest/TPJ HoA – Kisi Prospect
35km by 7km corridor of Cu & Au anomalies At Kisi: 3km x 1km >0.43 g/t Au in soils & colluvium Trenching includes: g/t Au (inc g/t Au) g/t Au (inc. 8.58g/t Au) Diamond core drilling includes 4.98 g/t Au from m depth Next step: Helimag survey to better define drill targets

20 ACA Howe: Newcrest/TPJ Manus Island HoA
35 km long and 7 km wide northwesterly trending structural corridor identified, in which intrusive activity and associated hydrothermal alteration and widespread Cu and Au mineralisation was focussed TPJ commissioned (consultant) R Findlay to map the area and his work also indicated the presence of a significant epithermal province associated with porphyry copper-gold mineralisation. An eroded stratovolcano was interpreted in the south west of the licence area; overlying rocks are now considered to be Pliocence (in age), contemporaneous with major mineralising events elsewhere in PNG Newcrest proposed a preliminary exploration programme at Kisi, comprising geological mapping, rock and soil sampling and drill site planning, followed by the drilling of a series of holes for an (initial) total 1,500m. In addition they also planned to conduct an airborne magnetic survey There are strong targets on the licence area and ACA Howe considers that TPJ should maintain its interest in the project

21 PNG: Barrick/TPJ Wamum JV
Licence area: 1,962km2 in Wamum area of PNG Status: 32 months field activity since JV signed September Field operations commenced in February 2008 Work completed: Drilling, aeromagnetics, mapping, sampling. Best intersection from drilling of 0.97 g/t Au & 0.33% Cu Expenditure to date: Anticipate $A9.47m spend by end of 2010 which would result in diluting TPJ to 11.7% Discoveries: 5Moz Au target not located to date but several deeper targets remain untested and a number of smaller targets exist Next steps: Focus on McLean South, Wafa & Waits Creek targets, 2011 budget under review but may be A$0.5M, TPJ plans to contribute its share to avoid further dilution

22 PNG: Barrick/TPJ JV Wamum - Targets

23 ACA Howe: Barrick/TPJ Wamum JV
The Wamum property is contiguous with the Harmony-Newcrest Wafi-Golpu epithermal- porphyry deposit shortly to become a major producer, and with Barrick’s Kainantu gold deposit (geological resource of 3.1 Mt of 20.2 g/t Au containing 2 Moz of gold) During 2009 Barrick conducted diamond drilling over 4 prospects totalling 5,629m that confirmed previously reported grades but failed to prove better grade extensions along strike 3 prospects, Wafa South, McLeans South and Mt Ruwaim (Barrick only) target areas have been identified on account of their structural setting but have not been investigated by detailed exploration In 2008 a helicopter airborne magnetic survey (flown for Barrick) identified numerous anomalies that have yet to be investigated ACA Howe concludes that the remaining parts of the property contain numerous attractive targets based on consideration of structure and geophysical anomalies that are comparable to those at Wafi-Golpu. In particular, the prospects at Waits Ck, McLeans and McLeans South warrant further work

24 Vietnam: Pu Sam Cap - TPJ 70%/State Partners 30%
Licence area: 27km2 in Pu Sam Cap, northern Vietnam Status: Licence will become effective on payment of a deposit by TPJ of US$225,000 refundable after 6 months Previous work: 3,165km of airborne geophysics, ground geophysics, 5,476m of drilling Expenditure to date: Estimated US$4.6M Next steps: strategic review to look for partner or sole fund Potential work programme to include 1,500m of drilling of high-grade gold veins at Bai Bang to establish inferred resource in 2011 Anticipated expenditure requirement of US$ M in 2011

25 Vietnam: Pu Sam Cap - 70% TPJ
Historical focus on Pu Sam Cap project by TPJ/Newmont Best result of 7.9 g/t Au & 0.4% Cu over 2m from scout drilling at Bai Bang prospect Rock chips up to 126 g/t Au Artisanal gold mining active at Bai Bang Best porphyry copper-gold drill intersection g/t Au, 0.06% Cu from 3-253m Newmont withdrew from project in 2008 with no residual interest as part of arrangement to farm-in to TPJ’s PNG Morobe licence

26 ACA Howe: Vietnam - Pu Sam Cap
TPJ 70%/30% State partners Located in the Tu Le volcanic rift system that contains several porphyry copper and epithermal-style gold-copper deposits in Vietnam and China Between 1996 and 1998 some 3,000 artisanal miners were extracting gold from a series of veins over an area covering 10 km2 Veins vary from 4cm to 2m in thickness and have been traced through a vertical interval in excess of 500m and along strike lengths ranging up to 2,000m Experts who have visited the area agree that there is potential for a large porphyry style deposit. Float samples suggest that the porphyry system is multiphase and that the richest phase of the mineralisation has yet to be discovered. ACA Howe considers that the hotter part of the system has not been intersected (by TPJ drilling to date) ACA Howe considers that properly targeted drilling could delineate a mineral resource relatively quickly within the (Bai Bang gold) vein systems and that deeper drilling could identify a more significant bulk tonnage target

27 Strategy Undertake financing in Q to recapitalise company and drive growth Actively monitor JV progress; contribute pro-rata where justified to retain holding Maintain good communication with shareholders Examine the opportunities for acquiring pre-development stage assets Target additional licence applications & new assets in PNG, Vietnam and other countries in SE Asia

28 Use of funds to 31/12/2011 2012 £ '000 Monitoring JVs
to 31/12/2011 2012 £ '000 Monitoring JVs All joint ventures 150 JV Contributions Newmont JV (Morobe) 1,875 Barrick JV (Wamum) 38 938 Newcrest JV (Manus Island) 937 Gold Anomaly JV (Crater Mountain); if in production 187 3,125 \ Exploration (PNG) PNG 125 tbc Vietnam 563 1,250 Other, SE Asia 313 Corporate UK, AIM, travel, advisers 621 444 464 307 Claims by former directors 149 Total 2,610 9,026

29 Objectives (2011) Crater Mountain, PNG (TPJ +/- 35%, reducing to 15-20% after Phase 2) Target: gold base-metal carbonate deposit M oz (JORC inferred) Bai Bang, Vietnam (TPJ 70%) Target: high-grade IOCG-type vein gold M oz (JORC inferred) Newmont Morobe JV, PNG (TPJ 30% maintained) First target: porphyry copper-gold - Drilling and potential inferred resource at Hides Creek Newcrest Manus Island JV, PNG (TPJ 15.2% maintained) First target: Low sulphidation vein gold - Inferred resource at Kisi Prospect

30 If Vietnam goes well, development in 2013 could be realistic
Potential Objectives (2012) Build on targeted inferred resources to move to scoping/feasibility and development All the projects have this potential, with Morobe and Crater Mountain probably the best defined Contingent budget for 2012 includes potential feasibility work on all four joint ventures and in Vietnam If Vietnam goes well, development in 2013 could be realistic

31 Newmont Ventures Limited (NVL) JVs: Comparison TPJ and Solomon Gold (SOLG)
Agreement date 3 December 2008 5 March 2009 Project: Morobe, PNG Guadalcanal, SI Spend by NVL to earn 51%: US$6M in 4 yrs US$6M in 3 yrs Spend by NVL to earn additional 19%: US$9M in 2 yrs US$6M in 2 yrs Additional NVL equity if TPJ or SOLG elect to be carried to production: 5% (total 75%) 10% (total 80%) NVL readiness to start drilling: 1st half 2011 TPJ and SOLG other projects: Barrick JV, PNG Newcrest JV, PNG GOA JV, PNG Pu Sam Cap, Vietnam Fauro Island, SI Rannes, Qld Mt Parry, Qld Fund raising/placement ?p/share £2.5 million 28p/share £15 million Market 29/10/2010 £5 million £80 million

32 Peer Group Comparables

33 New board appointed, recovery strategy underway
Summary New board appointed, recovery strategy underway Highly credible & experienced team now in place World class project potential in Papua New Guinea Supported by JV’s with three of the world’s top four gold miners Strong and supportive shareholder base, including Newmont Mining (10%)

34 Thank You and Any Questions
Triple Plate Junction PLC Tony Shearer (Chairman) Bill Howell (Interim CEO)

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