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TSXv:ZC / FSE:ZCT1 / Connecting Opportunity and You October 2011.

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1 TSXv:ZC / FSE:ZCT1 / Connecting Opportunity and You October 2011

2 TSXv:ZC / FSE:ZCT1 / Structure: Symbols :TSXv: ZC FSE: D7H Shares Outstanding:9.9 M Warrants: 0.6 M ($2.40 – Exp. Dec 29, 2011) Options: 1.4 M (Avg. $1.06) Fully Diluted: 11.9 M Recent Price: $ Week Range: $ Market Capitalization: $7.9 million Cash and Securities: $12.44 million *As at October 17,

3 TSXv:ZC / FSE:ZCT1 / Company Building ZIMTU ACTIVELY BUILDS NEW RESOURCE COMPANIES For investee companies Zimtu provides: Early-stage risk capital Business experience and guidance Active participation in management, financing, and marketing For our investors Zimtu provides: Access to a portion of the market not normally available to them (pre-ipo and seed level financings) Historically this part of the market has not been available to the public: Limited in size of money raised Reserved for insiders and closely held 06

4 TSXv:ZC / FSE:ZCT1 / Property Transactions Zimtu also locates and acquires mineral properties of merit and connects them with public resource companies. Projects are usually acquired on a 50-50% basis with geological and prospecting partners (proceeds are also split 50-50%) 07

5 TSXv:ZC / FSE:ZCT1 / Property Transactions DATE COMPANYCOMMODITYTOTAL VOLUMETRADING PRICE** January, 2011 Canada Rare Earths Inc. (TSXv:CJC)Rare Earths $0,35 April, 2011 Electric Metals Inc. (TSXv: EMI)Rare Earths $0,05 June, 2011 Rare Earth Metals Inc. (TSXv: RA)Rare Earths $0,175 July, 2011 Solace Resources Corp. (TSXv: SOR)Rare Earths $0,215 September, 2011 Strike Gold Corp. (TSXv: SRK)Graphite $0, Thus far: five transactions completed in 2011 with 6,37 Mio. shares earned Plus Cash component of CAD* * Earned in tranches over lifetime of deal ** Trading price as of October 17th, 2011

6 TSXv:ZC / FSE:ZCT1 / Example: 2011 Property Transaction DEEP BAY EAST and SIMON LAKE PROJECTS - Strike Gold Corp. (TSXv: SRK) Current Price: C$0.29 Shares Outstanding: 30,8 M Market Cap.: 8,9 M Share Position: 1,500,000 shares (staged) Acquired claims for Graphite potential Graphite demand growth from new applications: Lithium-ion batteries Fuel cells Nuclear Power There is over 10 times more graphite in a lithium-ion battery than there is lithium Chinese supply concerns (70% of world production) Strike projects located in mining friendly Saskatchewan, Canada Previous drilling, trenching, mapping, and geophysical surveys COSTCURRENT PRICE PROPERTY TRANSACTION $

7 TSXv:ZC / FSE:ZCT1 / Company Building CAD Investment in Private Deals for 6,3 Mio. Shares in near term listed Companies Diversification in Commodities: Coal, Gold & Base Metals DATECOMMODITYSTOCKVOLUMEINVESTMENT$/SHAREPROJECTED EXIT January, 2011CoalMogul Ventures Corp $ ,00$0,25IPO Q February, 2011Base Metals/GoldJack's Fork Exploration Inc $ ,00$0,15into Shell or IPO March, 2011CoalPacific Polar Energy Group $ ,00$0,10into Shell or IPO May, 2011Base Metals/GoldAltan Rio Minerals $ ,00$0,30Listing Q September, 2011 Gold Tamaka Gold Corp $99.750,00 $0,35 Lisiting Q! 2012 DATE (2010)COMMODITYSTOCKVOLUMEINVESTMENT$/SHAREPROJECTED EXIT Spring, 2010Base Metals/CoalDiscovery Harbour Res. Corp $202,000$0,10IPO Q $ ,00

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