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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

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1 Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

2 Describe what types of abuse there are?

3 Types of abuse Physical abuse Sexual abuse
Emotional/physchological abuse Financial abuse Institutional abuse Self Neglect Neglect by others Substance abuse

4 Identify signs and symptoms of abuse Activity 1


6 Describe factors that may contribute to vulnerability to abuse
Activity sheet 2

7 Describe what you would do if you suspected abuse.

8 Activity sheet 3 A resident tells you that they have been abused.
Record exactly what you would do, say. Explain why you would do it in this way.

9 Identify ways to preserve the evidence.

10 preservation Accurate recording by all parties immediately.
Preserve environment if suitable. Keep all confidential and locked away. Take photographs If suitable (e.g. pressure sores etc).

11 National policies/ local systems- what do they do?
POVA CRB ISA DBS (Disclosure and barring Scheme ) from Nov 12 Welsh Assembly Government policies NCPCC Police department Social services CSSIW All Wales Child Protection Children in Wales In safe Hands Policy The Local Safeguarding Boards Wales

12 Procedures and legislation
Homework 1 – Activity 5 Procedures and legislation Complete the boxes below

13 What are person centred values?

14 Person centred values are
Individuality Equal ops rights partnership choice respect privacy dignity independence

15 Read the following Scenario and describe how this could be avoided, by person centred values, active participation and promoting choice and rights. Activity sheet 4

16 Why is complaining important? In groups discuss the following.
A service user tells you that every time a support worker called Nancy is on duty , the lady with dementia called Vera never gets a cup of tea. A service user complains of a staff member spraying the S.U. perfume on to herself every time she enters the residents bedroom. A S.U. complains that a different S.U. visits her every night, in her bedroom.

17 What is unsafe practice?

18 Unsafe practice includes-
Not following policies and procedures Not following risk assessments/ no risk assessments Poor manual handling Poor health and safety Forcing service users against will- no choice etc Covert medication Poor communication Not allowing or encouraging clients rights. No police/ recruitment checks/ on going checks None/ limited/out of date training

19 Explain what effect poor practice could have on residents well being
Homework 2

20 Record an incident that may have happened in your work place.
Describe how this could have been handled better Homework 3

21 What is the procedure/policy in your work place for reporting unsafe practice
What would you do if the safeguarding officer did not deal with the situation appropriately? Homework 4

22 Where could you go for help ??

23 Complete Activity sheet 6
Read the example of Harold Shipman and discuss how this was a serious failure into the protection of individuals. Complete Activity sheet 6

24 Serious Case Reviews Homework 6 /Activity 7

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