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Tim White Staff co-ordinator & Director of Undergraduate Studies.

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1 Tim White Staff co-ordinator & Director of Undergraduate Studies

2 - Explore what is meant by mentoring - Your role within this - Give you an opportunity to practice - Sharing of information - Opportunity to ask questions and discuss Hopefully leading to you feeling confident and comfortable in your role as mentor

3 - Working through the GROW model

4 Mentoring occurs through a series of conversations in which one person (Mentor) draws on their experience and knowledge to advise and guide a less experienced person (Mentee) in order to enhance their performance or support their development. Mentoring involves creating a relationship which enables the other to discuss the important issues that matter to them and can be tailored to that individual. An adaptation from The LDC Coaching and Mentoring Scheme.

5 - 2-way process - Working in partnership - Considering the mentee agenda - Opportunity for learning (both sides) - Empowering mentee - Encouraging mentee – solutions, ownership, responsibility Important to discuss and agree these between mentor and mentee

6 - Listen, ask questions - Share experiences, thoughts, ideas - Encourage mentee to take action - Provide information and offer advice or guidance - Signpost as appropriate - Look out for mentee’s general wellbeing - Provide feedback - ad hoc, interim & final scheme - Discuss the Mentoring Agreement with the mentee Mentor Guidelines (as part of the Mentor Pack)

7 - Support other students - Develop transferable skills - Opportunity consider own development - Share experiences - Learn from experience - For CV - Appreciation of wider perspectives - Warwick Advantage Award - ge

8 Communicating effectively - Active listening - Exercise - Playing Back

9 Mentor Pack - Code of Ethics of the Scheme - Initial Meeting & Mentoring Agreement - Mentor Guidelines & Mentee Guidelines - Proposed timetable - Feedback (forthcoming)

10 Scheme Support tbc Student Support services Key Personnel Student Co-ordinator – Carolyn van Vliet Staff Co-ordinator – Tim White Director of Undergraduate Studies – Tim White Theatre Studies Chair – Nadine Holdsworth Senior Tutor – Stephen Lamb

11 - What situations do you envisage which may push the boundaries of your role? - What concerns do you have in your role as a mentor? - What do you think are your mentees expectations? - What/if any problems do you envisage? FAQs to be put on website, contact Carolyn/Tim as appropriate

12 - Boundaries - be aware of your role as a mentor - Your responsibility – share your experiences within the boundaries of your role - jointly manage the meeting – time and structure the conversation, taking notes, meeting place - familiarise yourself with your Mentor Pack - Code of Ethics, Initial Meeting & Mentoring Agreement, Mentor Guidelines - Time - be aware of your other time commitments around your studies - Relationship – lead to independence, professional, albeit, informal and friendly

13 Carolyn Van Vliet, Student Co-ordinator: Tim White, Staff Co-ordinator:

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