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Auditions, Interviews and Portfolios Supporting Creative Arts Students.

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1 Auditions, Interviews and Portfolios Supporting Creative Arts Students

2 Research Check the University Website

3 Research Check the School or Course Website

4 Research Research Courses and Know the Grades

5 Research Attend an Open Day

6 UCAS Applications

7 Application Deadlines Route A: 15 January 2009 Route B: 24 March 2009 Apply A.S.A.P.

8 Personal Statements Passion Extra Curricular Activity Relevance Industry Awareness OriginalityEnthusiasmPersonal Why University?

9 Reference potential to succeed at higher level honest, fair and relevant academic ability how they deal with challenges someone who knows them ambitions and career plan issues affecting work or grades attendance record how they engage with the subject interaction with others

10 Performing Arts Portfolios, Auditions & Interviews

11 Campus TourGroup Workshop Individual Monologues Performing Arts Audition Process Informed choice Openness and willingness to play Ability not competency

12 Music Audition and Interview Process CD Audio Portfolio Campus Tour Audition & Interview Group Session Unseen Tests UCAS Form Interview Day

13 CHECK LIST Ability Music Knowledge Technical Knowledge Software Knowledge Self Promotional Skills Communication Skills

14 Art & Design Portfolios & Interviews

15 Portfolios Advice Sheets Edited Selection 15 -20 Minutes Prepare Organise Relevant Range of Work Self Initiated Work Finished Work Sketch Books Thought Processes Critical Insights Select Work to Discuss Written Work Presentation Original Work Imagination Personal Style

16 Interviews

17 CHECK LIST Self Motivated Contemporary Art and Design Knowledge Ability Enthusiastic Passionate Communication Skills Experiences

18 Interview Questions? Give a short critique about the last exhibition or performance you attended What would your dream course be? Why? What experience, skills and knowledge would you bring to this course? Choose someone from your field that has influenced your work and talk about them

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