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Time Line of Toffler’s Waves

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1 Time Line of Toffler’s Waves
By Na-ajele Williams-Buffonge

2 Time Line of the Waves Second Waves (Industrial Era 1750- 1955)
First Waves (Agricultural Era 8000 b.c – 1750) Second Waves (Industrial Era ) Third Waves (Informational Era ( ) Fourth Waves (communication technology/Biotechnology (2006-)

3 Agricultural Era b.c- 1750 This phase took about a 1000 years to phase out. Today’s society no longer emphasises on the agriculture revolution. However, a few tribal population such as New Guinea, and South America still practices this (Toffler,1980,p 13). The possession of land equated to power, structure of family unit, culture, life, politics and the basis of economy (Toffler 1980,p. 21). Community produced their desired food and the economy was decentralized(Toffler,1980,p. 21). Family unit was huge and was required to work on the land. Education was limited and the communication used was the oral tradition.

4 Industrial Age This is a major era. This is the transition from producing food to making and selling everything. The era facilitated in constructing buildings, mills, railroads and the construction of plants to make cars. It was a mechanical era and the emphasis was placed on constructions, factories, and assembly line(Toffler,1980,p.24). This era required families to be smaller and be able to mobile(Toffler,1980,p.25) School was not conducted by priests , children now have to go school and learn how to read, write, and math. Families change from producing food themselves to the concept of sale, barter, and exchange (Toffler, 1980,p.39). Communication stem from oral and written. Innovations in this era are the typewriter, telephone, and transportation

5 Informational Era 1955-present
A period that is still ongoing. It moves from industrial work to the age of computers and electronic community. It can be seen as the media age. Family no longer have to be moving all over the place. A nuclear family is not the only family unit that is excepted. Single family is now excepted. Embraces new literacies.

6 4th Wave ???? Communication Technology
We are in the 4th wave. Communication technology is the next wave. Embraces technology and new literacies. It supports all family units. Embraces computers and the internet. This period is driven by information technology(cell phones, IPod, media. Changes how education is conducted. Media, and internet Are embraced. New Literacies skills.

7 Strand 2- Technology

8 Strand 3 - Work

9 Strand 4: Education

10 Strand 5: Society and Culture

11 Strand 6:Other

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