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Icons of Depth and Complexity

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1 Icons of Depth and Complexity
Story title/subject: Student Name:

2 Big Idea What is the theme, or big idea of this story? Is there a lesson the author wants you to learn? What is the author’s purpose?

3 Answer

4 Details What are the important story details?

5 Answer

6 Rules Determine the genre of the story. What specific story elements helped you to determine the genre? Or what rules of behavior did the main character follow?

7 Answer

8 Patterns What patterns of behavior occur within the story? Or what story patterns do you see within this genre?

9 Answer

10 Language of the Discipline
What vocabulary words are unique to this story? What words are unique to this genre?

11 Answer

12 Multiple Perspectives
Describe the main character from another character’s perspective.

13 Answer

14 Change Over Time Select a character and show how the character changed over time.

15 Answer

16 Ethics What ethical dilemmas occur within the story? Are there any events that could be perceived as good and bad?

17 Answer

18 Unanswered Questions At the end of the story, what questions do you still have, what do you think the answers would be, and why?

19 Answer

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