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S POTSYLVANIA By Marissa Anderson and Kayla Hollis.

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2 S POTSYLVANIA By Marissa Anderson and Kayla Hollis

3  It took place in the Rapidan - Rappahannock River which is located at Virginia

4  Ulysses S. Grant  George E Meade

5  Robert E Lee

6  After the Wilderness fight the Union tried to take Spotsylvania.  On their attempt to steal Spotsylvania they got caught.  Them getting caught declared War between the Union and the Confederates.  This would take place on May 8.

7 o On May 9 each army began to take up new positions North of the small town to continue the War. o On May 10 winfield s. hanncock led an attack against the Mule shoe in the same manner that upton had attacked in May these were the less successful days. o On May 13 3 A.M. the remants of lees second corps had finished construction on a fall back line.

8 o On May 18 Grant sent two of his corps to attack the new line, but they were met with a bloody repulse. o On May 20-21 the two armies were on their way to take positions along the North, Anna River, another dozen miles closer to Richmond.


10 Union In all 100,000 men and women 18,000 killed, wounded, or lost Confederacy In all 52,000 men and women 12,000 killed, wounded, or lost

11  This was the second major battle  This battle was slow but steady series of arching shifts to the left by Grant  The battle was sometimes called the “The Bloody Angel of Spotsylvania”  So many men and women were killed that when a man or woman was put on top of another that the men under them would sink farther into the mud

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