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Human Development and Sustainability

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1 - Human Development and Sustainability – (according to the UN) - Human Development Index

2 Human Development and Sustainability
Human Development and sustainability are 2 concepts that provide another way of looking at the differences and similarities between countries around the world. The two classification methods which we have looked at are BROAD GROUPING and MORTALITY STRATA. They can be limiting because…

3 Mortality Strata Broad Grouping Advantages Disadvantages
Cause of death Doesn’t take into account other factors besides mortality Burden of Disease Broad Grouping Advantages Disadvantages Takes into account a range of factors related to the wellbeing of a country and its people (including mortality) Limited as there are only 3 categories to group over 200 countries – therefore substantial difference within groupings.

4 Human Development The basic purpose of human development is to enlarge peoples choices. The objective of human development is to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long healthy and creative lives. People are the real wealth of nations, therefore it is about people having more choices in order to lead the life they value.

5 IMPORTANT Human Development Is defined by the UN as ‘creating an environment in which people can develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accordance with their needs and interests.’ It is about expanding peoples choices and enhancing capabilities (the range of things people can be and do) have access to knowledge Be able to lead long healthy lives Be able to participate in decisions that affect their lives

6 Human Development In order to improve Human Development people need to build on certain capabilities (the range of things they can do and be). Some of these include have access to knowledge Be able to lead long healthy lives Be able to participate in decisions that affect their lives

7 Human Development Index (HDI)
Measuring the HD of a country is impossible. There are many aspects of peoples lives that need to be taken into account, and to collect all this info is IMPOSSIBLE! The UN has HOWEVER developed a system that attempts to reflect the level of HD being experienced in different countries and regions. This is known as the HDI and uses 3 indicators to estimate the level of HD.

8 IMPORTANT Human Development A measurement of human development which combines indicators of life expectancy, educational levels and income. The Human Development Index provides a single statistic which can be used as a reference for both social and economic development.

9 Human Development Index (HDI)
IMPORTANT Human Development Index (HDI) To measure human development of a country the Dimensions and Key Indicators are looked at Human Development Index Dimensions Indicators Health Life expectancy at birth Education Mean years of schooling Expected years of schooling Living Standards Gross national income per capita


11 Use the mapping feature on the Canadian Geographic website:

12 Measuring Human Development
The human development rank countries into 4 quartiles according to their Human Development Index. Very High Human Development High Human Development Medium Human Development Low Human Development

13 Measuring Human Development
Very High Human Development High Human Development Medium Human Development Low Human Development The only quartile considered developed is number 1. The rest are considered developing although the level of development varies considerably among these countries.

14 Comparing the classification methods

15 Sustainable human development
IMPORTANT Sustainable human development Means - Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

16 Sustainable human development – 3 dimensions
The united nations consider 3 dimensions of sustainability Economic Sustainability- refers to the capacity of future generations being able to earn an income, have resources and economic growth over time Social Sustainability – this relates to future generations having the same or improved access to social resources – such as human rights, political stability, education Environmental Sustainability – ensuring the natural environment is utilised in ways that preserve resources

17 Sustainability dimensions interrelating

18 Use the glossary on the WHO website (http://www. who
Use the glossary on the WHO website ( to find definitions for the following terms: Development Sustainable development Access the Human Development Report to research this indicator and analyse differences between countries:

19 Activities

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