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The Exploration of Vasco da Gama

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1 The Exploration of Vasco da Gama
Krista Powell and Raelynn Noonan

2 Who was he? Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese explorer born in He was born into a noble, wealthy family. Vasco da Gama discovered an ocean route from Portugal to the east. (India) His father tried to make the voyage to India, but he died. Da Gama died of an illness in India December 24, 1524.

3 Why did he go Exploring? Vasco da Gama went exploring because King Manuel the first wanted to find a new route to India. He also went exploring because he wanted to accomplish what his father didn’t.

4 What route did he take? He took this route because the winds were stronger in this location, and Christopher Columbus told him that he thought there was a way to India if he travelled East.

5 How did he do it? What did he take with him?
King Manuel the first provided money for his voyage to Africa. The King supplied the crew with enough food to last them three years. He also supplied them with good to trade with other people. Vasco da Gama took 170 men on three different ships. These ships included the Sao Gabriel, the Sao Rafael, and the Berrio. Their crew consisted of 10 serial killers, so they could use them for dangerous trading missions.

6 Why was this exploration so important?
Vasco Da Gama’s exploration was important because he opened up many trade routes through India. He also out threw dangerous tribes to ensure more safety in the trade routes and for the future. These trade routes brought wealth and many new opportunities to Portugal.

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