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Maddie Lepore Carleigh Davis Period 2

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1 Maddie Lepore Carleigh Davis Period 2
Vasco da Gama Maddie Lepore Carleigh Davis Period 2

2 Background Information
Vasco da Gama was born in 1460 and died in He was born to a noble family. He lived in Sines, Portugal but traveled on many sea voyages. His father, Estavo, was also an explorer inspiring his son. After surviving a scurvy caused by a lack of vitamin C, da Gama was treated as a hero. He died of an illness in India after being sent on a Portuguese viceroy by King John III.

3 Exploration Vasco Da Gamas father had planned to make the sea voyage from Portugal to India but died before completing the journey. Da Gama decided to complete his fathers exploration and sailed to India. He battled his brother to win the lead in the exploration. The goal of his trip was to find a sea route to India, which was important to the people of Portugal. King Manual financed his trip and had two ships built. Five ships and two hundred men also set sale with Da Gama.

4 Route Vasco Da Gama set sail to make it to India by going around Africa. This was never done before and people thought it was impossible because it was assumed that the India ocean was not connected to any other sea. He chose this route hoping to find a water route to trade with India rather than using the Silk Road. After Da Gama rounded Africa’s Cape of good hope he continued to India. He eventually arrived at India proving their was a sea route connecting Portugal and India.

5 IMportance Vasco Da Gama was successful in his sea voyage. He traded in India buying spices and jewels to take back to Portugal. A trade agreement was set up with Portugal. Da Gama opened up a trade route with the east by sea.

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