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Vasco da Gama By : Amber Drvodelic.

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1 Vasco da Gama By : Amber Drvodelic

2 Where Did He Go and When? Who: Vasco da Gama
Where: To explore and establish trade with Africa and find direct water route to India July 8,

3 What Was His Early Life? Vasco da Gama was born in a port town of Sines, Portugal around Vasco had two older brothers. “Estevao was the governor of Sines.” “Still very little is known of Vasco’s childhood.” He probably went to school because his father being a governor. (During that time they only learned reading, writing, and art.) “People say he also learned navigation and math as a young man.” Because he learned math and navigation he became a soldier and mariner

4 What Was He Looking For? Vasco da Gama was looking for a direct water route to India. The Portugal's also hoped to establish trade with the East countries

5 What Was His Route? This is his route he took in

6 What Were The Challenges?
Their trip back to Portugal took them 3 months to just cross the Indian Ocean. This is because many of the men died of scurvy. This means they lacked vitamin C. And because there was not enough crew for all the boats, the Sao Rafael was burned.

7 What Were The Discoveries and How Did it Impact The World?
Vasco da Gama first voyage was a success. He discovered the first sea route to India. This created a new method of trade where no middle man profited. Portugal will soon be selling items from Europe to India

8 What Are Some Extra Facts?
Vasco da Gama was titled Admiral of the Sea of India. Vacso da Gama voyage was suppose to be his fathers but he died so Vasco da Gama got the assignment. When Vasco got the assignment he became a soldier. On his last voyage he died because e he was ill on December 24th, 1524.

9 Resources Used? Vasco da Gama by: Kristin Petrie copyright date: 2004
Vasco da Gama by: Kathleen McFarren copyright date: 2004 “Gama, Vasco da(1460?-1524)”The New Book of Knowledge. Grolier Online,2012 Wed. 13 Dec 2012

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