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SW-PHASE 3 Simple explanation for what we will submit.

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1 SW-PHASE 3 Simple explanation for what we will submit

2 SW design In this phase we will design the software of E-student notebook Software design phase contains: Architectural design Data Design Component Design Interface Design

3 Architectural design The design process of identifying the sub- systems making up a system and establishing a framework for sub-system control and communication. An early stage of the system design process. Represents the link between specification (requirements engineering process) and design processes.

4 1- Architectural design It involves identifying major system components and their communications. The software architect must make decisions about: System organization style Strategy for decomposing sub-systems into their components or modules How the execution of sub-systems is controlled

5 1.1 System organization style Client-server organization style Shared data repository style Layered architecture style Different parts of the system may be designed using different architectural styles.

6 1.2 Strategy for decomposing sub- systems into their components or modules – An object-oriented decomposition model where the system is decomposed into interacting objects – A Function-oriented pipelining (or data-flow model) where the system is decomposed into functional modules that accept input data and transform it into output data.

7 1.3 How the execution of sub-systems is controlled Centralised control One sub-system has overall responsibility for control and starts and stops other sub- systems. Event-based control Each sub-system can respond to externally generated events from other sub-systems or the system’s environment.

8 2- Data Design ER Database Schema Data Dictionary

9 Lilac Safadi Conceptual DB Design 2.1 EXAMPLE: ERD for Staff View of DreamHome BUSINESS OWNER STAFF PROPERTY PRIVATE OWNER LEASE CLIENT PREFERENCE POwn holdassociate manage state superviseregister BOwn (1:1) (0,*) (0,1) (1,*) (0,1) (0,100) views (0,*) supervisor supervisee

10 Lilac Safadi Relational Model 10 2.2Relation Schema 4170010 4182000 4182034 4188134 4189860 StudentNo Al-Saleh Al-Ghanem Al-Fahad Saod Rashed LName Amal Nora Laila Amal Rana FNameInitial M. A. F. I. DOB 04-06-78 02-12-79 01-11-74 22-04-73 30-01-78 GPA 3.91 4.20 4.01 3.01 2.31 STUDENT Dept D001 D002 D003 D001 STUDENT (StudentNo, Lname, Fname, Initial, DOB, GPA, Dept) We will do same as this for all relations we have =)

11 Lilac Safadi Conceptual DB Design 2.3 Data Dictionary for Staff View Showing Description of Relationships Entity Name Multiplicity Relationship Entity Name Multiplicity Staff 0..1 Manages PropertyForRent 0..100 0..1 Supervises Staff 0..10 PropertyForRent 1..1 AssociatedWith Lease 0..*

12 3- Component Design If you use Structured System analysis: DFD. Pseudo-code.

13 3- Component Design If you Use Object-Oriented: - Use case diagram. - Class diagram. - Pseudo-code.

14 3- Component Design If you Use Object-Oriented: I think Using OOP is much easier for us than DFDs specially with the help of eclipse using UML and Code Review :Enerjy the 1 st will generate most of the code and the 2ed will validate it. With DFDs the probability of making mistake is huge this is what I think, TELL ME WUT U THINK ^^

15 Use case diagram

16 Class diagram

17 EDRAW TOOLS If you did not download eclipse or you don’t know how to create UML or DFDs These are online tools to help you draw and do your part =) gn.asp gn.asp Diagrams.php Diagrams.php

18 Pseudo-code Example = if do stuff else do other stuff while do stuff for from to by do stuff with variable function ( ) do stuff with arguments return something ( ) // Function call

19 4- Interface Design In this section, we want to see what the system is going to look like to the person who will be operating/using it. (Print screen for the main functions, error messages, etc…). We could use Visual Basic.Net Or Web design Check the One Note for Microsoft office interface we should do something like it


21 Work Breakdown

22 NamePart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Reem** Rathath** Rawan** Hessah** Fatima** Hayfa** Farah** Reham** Phase partsDuration 1- Archi Design 2 days 2-Data Design2 days 3-Component Design 2 days 4-Interface1 day Total duration : 7 daysDue date : Sat 2 – 5 – 2009 (*) Means : u r participating in the part

23 For part 1 ( Reem, Hayfa, Rawan, Farah, Hessah) We should go out tomorrow morning in algara3awi at 9 am till I dunno we get tired Bring ur laptops and charge them If u can’t come let me know by a msg But plz we NEED to get it done together So try hard to come next morning Thank you,

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