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Who I Am and Where Am I Going?

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1 Who I Am and Where Am I Going?
Lesson One Who I Am and Where Am I Going?

2 How I See Myself… Me As A… Description of who you are now… Description of who you hope to be in the future… Support People… Person Family Member Friend Dating Partner Describe yourself in each of these categories. Be honest describe the qualities and things that make you good in each category as well as the things that you perhaps do not do well and need to improve on.

3 Leaves: In the leaves write the positive qualities that you have now as well as those you hope to grow in the future. Write the ones that you currently have in one color and the qualities that you hope to develop as you get older in another color. (Ex: considerate person, good parent). Roots: Write on the roots the people, places, or things that support you in becoming the best version of yourself. Bad Influences: Draw negative symbols and write down words or brief descriptions that might harm you or prevent you from becoming the best possible version of yourself. (Ex: lightening or bugs may represent drinking or drugs.) Good Influences: Draw positive symbols and write down words or brief descriptions that would strengthen your Possible Selves Tree. (Ex: Sun = Setting Goals) Possible Self Tree

4 Possible Self Tree Examples

5 Reflecting on your “Possible Self”
What kinds of jobs or careers do you imagine for yourself? What kind of working environment is important to you? What level of education/ training do you want to achieve? Identify 3 things that you are doing now or can start doing now to put yourself on the path toward your “possible self.” Are there things that you are doing right now that put your dreams in jeopardy?

6 Have you ever been in a situation where you were with one or more friends and they were doing something you weren’t sure you really wanted to do? Have you ever gotten “swept up” in a situation like this? Give an example.

7 These are called Pressure Situations
It is inevitable in life that you will find yourself in a pressure situation from time to time. These situations place pressure on you to go against what you know or feel is right. We are going to practice some problem solving skills that will help you in these situations.

8 Making Difficult Decisions
Push yourself to identify possible choices for a course of action. Ask yourself what the likely consequences or risks for each choice might be. *Consequences are what might happen if you choose that course of action- they can be positive or negative!

9 Pressure Situation Example
Pressure Situations “I Do”- A friend of yours is having a small pre-Homecoming Dance party. Her parents are out of town. You get to the party a little late and everyone has been drinking. They are laughing and having fun. You’ve never had alcohol before, it looks fun, and secretly you feel that your friends think you’re a bit immature because you haven’t. What will you do?

10 What Should I Do? Choice 1:
Final Decision: Why? Final Decision: Why? Final Decision: Why? Final Decision: Why? What Should I Do? Choice 1: Drink with your friends and then go to the Homecoming dance. What Could Happen? Risks?  Since you are all in a group and reek like alcohol, you are all pulled aside as you attempt to enter the dance. Police are called, you are given a breathalyzer test, you get a ticket to appear in court, you are suspended for two days from school, and eliminated from competing in sports this season and in fifty percent of next season. Choice 2: You say to your friends, “No thanks.” If they say anything, you say, “You do what you’ve got to do, and let me be.” You were afraid you’d be put down, but your friends say, “That’s cool.” A couple of kids got caught at the dance and you were happy you did what you did. Choice 3: Make an excuse for why you have to leave the party. You avoided having to say anything. It’s worked for now.

11 What Should I Do? (Table)
Choice 1: What Could Happen? Risks? Consequences? Choice 2: Choice 3: Final Decision: Why? What Should I Do? (Table)

12 Pressure Situation “We Do”-
You will… Read and discuss the situation. Brainstorm 3 possible courses of action and identify the likely results, risks, or consequences of each choice. As a group you will need to make a final decision on the course of action you will take. This choice may include ideas from several choices generated during the brainstorming. Make it real- you will be sharing your decision and thought process to the class!

13 Pressure Situations “You Do”
Go back to the situation that you described in your notebook at the beginning of the hour. On a separate sheet of paper- complete a What Should I Do table referring to the situation you described. If you were to find yourself in this situation again what are your possible choices and consequences, and what you’re your final decision for action be? THIS WILL BE TURNED IN FOR A GRADE!

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