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Google chrome operating system For Tiwi island college Lachlan Doyle.

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1 Google chrome operating system For Tiwi island college Lachlan Doyle

2 Introduction : The Google Chrome Operating system is a Linux- based operating system designed to work with web based applications made using HTML 5. It is a light weight operating system that uses very little resources. It doesn’t require much power to run and is very cost effective. This operating system would be ideal for a place such as the Tiwi Island College.


4 PC Hardware : The Google Chrome OS does not need high end hardware to run it will run on any hardware that consists of a Solid state drive and a ARM or x86 processor. To do these tests I will be running it on the following hardware: CPU: AMD x3 720be 2.8ghz Hard Drive: 500gb 7200rpm Video card: Onboard Sound card: Onboard RAM: 4gb DDR2 1066 Motherboard: GA-MA790GP-UD4H

5 PC Software : You can also run Google Chrome OS using a virtual machine using either VMware or virtualbox. You can also boot the operating system using a USB flash drive. All of the software for Google Chrome OS is online and made using HTML 5. There are many applications to download and most are free. This is also good for Tiwi Island College as it is a cost effective solution compared to buying a system and buying all the software. To do these tests I will be booting the Chrome Operating system using a USB flash drive.

6 Installation Steps : STEPS: 1. Download the latest USB Nightly version of Chrome OS from here 2. Format your 4gb flash drive as FAT32 3. Download the windows writer from here 4. Unzip the Image Writer file and open the Win32DiskImager program (Windows Vista, 7 and x64 bit users will need to right click and select the “Run as administrator” option). An error may, or may not, pop up when the program is starting. It’s referring to a floppy drive that is not installed on your machine, dismiss the error by selecting “Ok”. 5. Unzip the Chrome OS that you downloaded and unzip it using WinRAR or 7zip

7 6. In the Image writer select the drive letter of your USB drive then select the blue folder icon and browse to the Chrome OS image file that you downloaded and unziped. 7. Double check that the drive letter is correct in the program then select “write” 8. Once the program has completed and displays “done” you can safely remove the flash drive and close the program 9. Reboot the machine that you want to use Chrome OS on and check that your bios settings are set to enable boot from USB if not when booting choose which device to boot from and select your USB. 10. The first time the OS boots up it will ask for a login and password. The login is facepunch and the password is facepunch. 11. And you are done!

8 Screensho t

9 Applications chosen and why : I have chosen the following Applications to install on the Chrome OS for Tiwi Island College Numeric Calculator and converter (To help the school with mathematics) Books (To help the students learn to read) Wiki Search (Help the students find information) Local media player (To play video files to help the students learn)

10 PC Performance under Chrome OS : The performance of Chrome OS varies depending on how fast your internet connection is and how fast your read and write speeds for your solid state drive are. Using the hardware specifications that I listed before. The Chrome Operating system runs very fast and has no slow downs. It does not freeze it all just works.

11 Summary : The Google Chrome operating system would be a perfect fit for somewhere like the Tiwi Island College. It uses very little resources and will complete most basic tasks required for schools to help improve the students learning experience. I found that the PC setup that I used to test the Chrome operating system was to high end and that it ran good and perfect but it would work the same on lower end hardware and would end up being cheaper in the end.

12 Recommendations : My recommendations for using the Google Chrome operating system would be that you used lower end hardware if you are intending to use it as a full time operating system and to get a fast internet connection for a fast slim and energy efficient PC.

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