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Install Chromium OS PC’s for Tiwi Island College.

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1 Install Chromium OS PC’s for Tiwi Island College

2 Tiwi Island College

3 Introduction Google Chrome OS is a lightweight Cloud Operating System based on Linux. Rather than running all your applications on your local pc, Google Chrome runs the applications through the Internet. This allows Google to remove unnecessary Operating System components that would otherwise slowdown your computer. In other words Google Chrome OS just a basic version of Linux running underneath the Google Chrome Web browser. The simplistic nature of Chrome OS and its ability to be maintained without technical support. could make it a great Operating System for Tiwi Island College. In the following slides, I will show you some of the Chrome apps, that students at Tiwi Island College could enjoy learning with.

4 PC Hardware I I ran Google Chrome as a Virtual Machine using the following hardware and software ● Host OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit ● CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo ● RAM: 4GB ● GPU: 1GB Nvidia Geforce 250 GTS ● Virtual Machine Software: Virtual Box

5 Software iVocab Practice Maths Kid Mode for Chrome Planetarium Scientific Calculator

6 Installation Steps Download Chrome OS from the following website In the Download section, click on the Virtual Box icon to download the latest version of Chrome OS. Google Chrome OS will be downloaded as a.tar.gz file. Unzip the file. Download and install Virtual Box from this website. Set Virtual Box to open Google Chrome OS which will automatically install

7 Google Chrome OS Desktop

8 APPs Chosen and Why? iVocab -Allows children to develop their vocabulary which is a valuable tool in developing literacy skills. Practice Maths -Teaches children the basics of maths including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Kid mode for Chrome-Comes with hundred of freely available educational games that will help familiarize children with technology. Planetarium-Can be used to teach children about the stars and planets in the universe. ScientificCalculator-Is a useful tool in assisting children with mathematical skills. Is a cost effective alternative to purchasing calculator hardware.

9 PC Performance Google Chrome OS prides itself on being a lightweight Operating System because of the simplicity in its design. Really it is just a basic version of Linux running underneath the Google Chrome Web browser. Because of its simple design, Google Chrome is able to boot in approximately 7 seconds. Google Chrome is a Cloud Operating System, meaning that it stores all your data and programs on the internet, allowing to access them anywhere in the world. This presents Google Chrome a big disadvantage, as it cannot work if you do not have an available Internet connection.

10 Summary Because Google Chrome OS is a very new Operating System. It is difficult to tell whether it is a complete success. Googles focus on making it a lightweight Operating System, has resulted in it lacking several features that make other Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Unix popular. However if you have an old unused computer that needs a basic Operating System, and cannot run the latest Linux distribution. Google Chrome is an excellent choice.

11 Recommendations I think Google Chrome is an excellent Operating System for Tiwi Island College to use. There are available apps for every compulsory school subject. It is free, very user friendly, can run on inexpensive computer hardware, and does not need much technical support.

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