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Google Chrome Operating System Tiwi Island College Shane Butler.

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1 Google Chrome Operating System Tiwi Island College Shane Butler

2 Introduction The Chromium OS is the new innovative method of accessing the internet on your computer exclusively, with only internet access in mind, via a linux based stateless operating system.

3 Tiwi Island College

4 PC Hardware Chromium OS requires 700MB of space when uncompressed. Hardware-accelerated OpenGL or OpenGL ES support is mandatory, and the Chromium browser's memory footprint is an obvious lower bound for RAM.

5 PC Software No software is required to run Chromium OS if booted from USB device. Although if the Operating system is run virtually on the computer a program such as VMware is required to operate it. Chromium OS is a “Stateless” Operating System, managing all its files off site to allow maximum speed and efficiency.

6 Installation 1.Locate a downloadable copy of the operating system 2.Download Win32 Disk Imager Program to allow image writing to USB 3.Unzip, and launch Win32DiskImager.exe. Once you’ve got Image Writer running, click the folder icon and select the chrome_os.img file (it should be located in the same place where you extracted the zip file and launched Win32DiskImager.exe). 4.Click on the Device dropdown and select the drive letter that corresponds to your USB drive. Then, click Write and the program will commence writing the disk image to your USB drive. Once finished Chromium OS is ready to boot after altering the boot priority in the BIOS.

7 Desktop

8 Applications

9 PC Performance under Chrome The Chromium OS exceeds all other operating systems due to the fact it exists mostly online, allowing maximum response times and fast read/write capabilities as well as speedy general browsing.

10 Summary The Chromium OS is an innovative new design and approach to web based usage, and operates extremely well on low speed machines, making it extremely popular among the IT community.

11 Recommendations Being an Open Source project, Chromium OS is the new generation in web based computing, and promises to evolve over the years and expand into an even greater system for those in the IT industry, and also the general home user. I recommend this operating system and all applications included due to the fact its efficient, reliable and innovative making it a promising choice for those at the Tiwi Island Collage.

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